Salient 5



In support of the Salient 5 initiative at FCPS, resources in the Professional Library and Instruction Materials Center (PLIMC) have been identified that pertain to one of the categories:

Links to items in the online catalog have been created to allow patrons to request items electronically.  To request an item you most first logon to your account.  All FCPS staff and students have a library account.  The Library ID is either staff's employee ID or a student's ID.  The PIN is the last four digits of the ID used.  The PIN must be four digits so if your ID is only three digits a leading zero needs to be added (i.e. Staff ID = 123 ; Library ID=123, PIN=0123; Student ID=123456; Library ID=123456, PIN=3456; Staff ID=1234; Library ID and PIN are both 1234).  For more information about the Salient 5 please go to the Professional Learning website.