Media Resources

FCPS offers various resources to its students and staff for research and to enhance the learning experience. 

Media Centers/PLIMC (Professional Library & Instructional Materials Center)
Most FCPS schools have a media center with a vast collection of books, magazines, and audio/visual materials for use by students and teachers.  The PLIMC collection supplements the media centers' collections with  materials focused on professional development of administrators, teachers and support staff.  You can search all of these collections on the district's online catalog.

Online Databases
Library Media provides a variety of subscription databases on a district level, all of which are accessible from this site.  User names and passwords to access these resources are available from each schools' media specialist or by contacting the PLIMC.  In addition to district-level subscriptions some individual schools also have access to such popular databases as BrainPop and BookFlicks.  Contact your media specialists for availability of databases at your school.

Student Resources
Visit the Student Resources pull down menu to view a summary of database available to students district-wide.