Staff Directory

Department Name Phone Email Teacher's Blog Job Title
Administrator Cynthia Hanlon 240-566-9715 Principal
Administrator Marcus Allen 240-566-8717 Assistant Principal
Administrator Michelle Gilmore 240-566-9716 Assistant Principal
Administrator Raeda Zietoon 240-566-9719 Assistant Principal
Art Christian Madenspacher 240-566-9882 Teacher
Art Georgia Geisser 240-566-9883 Teacher
Art Hannah Shinozaki 240-566-9800 Teacher
Art Tracy Bozzonetti 240-566-9884 Teacher
Business and CompSci Ashley Abuelhawa 240-566-9820 Teacher
Business and CompSci Leslie Parente 240-566-9700 Teacher
Business and CompSci Matthew Kronk 240-566-9700 Teacher
Career and Tech Dane Grossnickle 240-566-9765 Teacher
Career and Tech Julie Morris 240-566-9871 Teacher
Career and Tech Mark Lastova 240-566-9812 Teacher
Career and Tech Matthew Kronk 240-566-9744 Teacher
Career and Tech Patricia Beachy 240-566-9792 Teacher
Career and Tech Patrick Greene 240-566-9744 Teacher
Career and Tech Thomas Hawthorne 240-566-9793 Teacher
Counseling Christopher O'Brien 240-566-9737 School Counselor (D-J)
Counseling Jessica McDonald 240-566-9732 School Counselor (K-Q)
Counseling Katherine Becker 240-566-9736 School Counselor (A-C)
Counseling Kimberly Failor 240-566-9730 Instructional Assistant - Student Services
Counseling Kirstin Reggio 240-566-9735 Registrar
English Angela Smith 240-566-9978 Teacher
English Damon Norko 240-566-9950 Teacher
English Jan Marcus 240-566-9959 Teacher
English Mary Troxel 240-566-9983 Teacher
English Natalie (Evans) Rebetsky 240-566-9953 Teacher
English Patricia Kolias 240-566-9957 teacher
English Patrick Morgan 240-566-9700 Teacher
English Randi Kirkland 240-566-9980 Teacher
English Susan Peterson 240-566-9956 Teacher
English Victoria Benson 240-546-9933 Teacher
Family and Consumer Science Kate Lane 240-566-9756 Teacher
Health, PE Kevin Clancy 240-566-9800 Teacher
Health, PE Rachael Easterday 240-566-9840 Teacher
Mathematics Allison Partner 240-566-9937 Teacher
Mathematics Angela Knapp 240-566-9759 Teacher
Mathematics Anne Thigpen 240-566-9949 Teacher
Mathematics Brandon Murrell 240-566-9800 Teacher
Mathematics Jennifer Purgason 240-566-9799 Teacher
Mathematics Jennifer Weiss 240-566-9788 Teacher
Mathematics Joey Athey 240-566-9700 Teacher
Mathematics Kenneth Halter 240-566-9819 Teacher
Mathematics Moira DiGiacamantonio 240-566-9700 Teacher
Mathematics Sharon Drake 240-566-9821 Teacher
Mathematics William Eckard 240-566-9772 Teacher
Media Center Marsha Thompson 240-566-9907 Media Specialist
PE, Science Andrea Poffinberger 240-566-9842 Teacher
PE Chris O'Connor 240-566-9847 Teacher
Health, PE Kevin Clancy 240-566-9800 Teacher
Health, PE Rachael Easterday 240-566-9840 Teacher
PE Richard Conner 240-566-9846 Teacher
PE Sonny Joseph 240-566-9855
Performing Arts, Social Studies Angela Smithhisler 240-566-9828 Teacher
Performing Arts Damon Dye 240-566-9826 Teacher
Performing Arts Kevin Lloyd 240-566-9827 Teacher
Science Amber McCauley 240-566-9700 Teacher
PE, Science Andrea Poffinberger 240-566-9842 Teacher
Science Beth Ericsson 240-566-9780 Teacher
Science Christopher Hahn 240-566-9810 Teacher
Science Christopher Turner 240-566-9811 Teacher
Science Durann Ecalono 240-566-9815 Teacher
Science Jessica Baker 240-566-9803 Teacher
Science Kathleen Shields 240-566-9777 kathleen.shields@fcps.rg Teacher
Science Lauren Koogle 240-566-9805 Teacher
Science Mark Sunkel 240-566-9783 Teacher
Science Valerie Riley 240-566-9752 Teacher
Social Studies Aaron Burch 240-566-9914 Teacher
Performing Arts, Social Studies Angela Smithhisler 240-566-9828 Teacher
Social Studies Darren Hornbeck 240-566-9952 Teacher/Professional Development Coordinator
Social Studies Dawn Murphy 240-566-9872 Teacher
Social Studies James Jensen 240-566-9857 Teacher
Social Studies Jamie Hendi 240-566-9700 Teacher
Social Studies Janvier "Jeb" Beaver 240-566-9921 Teacher
Social Studies Joseph Hawkins 240-566-9870 Teacher
Social Studies Michelle Richardson 240-566-9918 Teacher
Social Studies Samira Diggs 240-566-9912 Teacher
Social Studies Zachary Yurich 240-566-9867 zackary.yurich@fcps.or Teacher
Special Education Anthony Digman 240-566-9889 Special Education Instructor
Special Education Denise Green 240-566-9800 Special Education Instructor
Special Education Gayle Blair 240-566-9888 Special Education Instructor
Special Education Jordan Dixon 240-566-9891 Special Education Instructor
Special Education Kirk Meehan 240-566-9886 Special Education Instructor
Special Education Madison Davies 240-566-9700 Instructional Assistant
Special Education Mary Cate Henry 240-566-9958 Teacher
Special Education Mary Jo York 240-566-9700 SEIA
Special Education Stephanie Bindel 240-566-9994 Case Manager
Special Education Tim Abercrombie 240-566-9885 Special Education Instructor
Special Education Toni Shiderly 240-566-9965 Specialist
Special Education Traci Davies 240-566-9995 Case Manager
Special Education Zackary Yurich 240-566-9700 SEIA
Specialist Conor Nolan 240-566-9877 User Support Specialist
Specialist Rebecca Howes 240-566-9739 Behavioral Support Specialist/504 Coordinator
Specialist Tom Kraft 240-566-9718 College and Career Readiness Teacher
Specialist Tracey Cassidy 240-566-9963 Literacy Specialist
Support Staff Allison Freibaum 240-566-9858 Instructional Assistant- Special Educ
Support Staff Angela King-McGavin 240-566-9721 Attendance
Support Staff David Buck 240-566-9705 Instructional Assistant - Student Services
Support Staff Deborah Day 240-566-9702 Secretary - Front Office
Support Staff Heather Mattick 240-566-9703 Secretary - Front Office
Support Staff Mary Dodson 240-566-9720 Secretary - Attendance
Support Staff Mike Bowles 240-566-9834 Lead Custodian
Support Staff Patrice Wiles 240-566-9710 Secretary -Administrative & Payroll
Transition Education David Kenderdine 240-566-9741 Teacher
Transition Education Jeremy Brown 240-566-9740 Teacher
World Language Andres Wright 240-566-9939 Teacher
World Language Jake Snow 240-566-9942 Teacher
World Language Leane Pupo 240-566-9986 Teacher
World Language Lisa Gadra 240-566-9940 Teacher
World Language Rosa Munoz 240-566-9800 Teacher
World Language Stephanie Stolz 240-566-9989 Teacher