Scheduling Information


Important Information Regarding Schedule Changes

 Schedule change forms will be accepted until Thursday, August 24th at 2:30 p.m.  All forms submitted by this date will be reviewed by the first day of school.
No schedule change request forms will be accepted from August 25 through September 6.
Schedule change forms will be accepted again on September 7 and 8.

All schedule changes must be requested using the Schedule Change Request form—verbal or email requests will not be accepted. This form requires signatures from the student and parent. Please submit only one request. Duplicates will delay the process.

Please note that your School Counselor will notify any college/university

you have applied to if you drop an AP course during your senior year!
Schedule Change Priorities:
1. Course sequence or prerequisite concerns:
(Spanish 1 must be taken prior to Spanish 2).
2. Academic level corrections or changes:
(English 11 Honors to English 11 Merit).
3. Balancing issues:
(More core academic courses in one semester than the other).
4. Rescheduling to take failed classes:
(Only if seats are available).
5. Adjustments to Work-Based Learning:
(Only if recommended by the Work-Based Learning Team).