Systems Navagation at Mental Health Association

 Systems Navigation at MHA
What is Systems Navigation?
Systems Navigation is a program of the Mental Health Association of Frederick County with support from the Office of Children and Families and the Governor’s Office for Children. The service is available to assist families who have children with multiple or intensive needs navigate the complex systems of care.
Who needs Systems Navigation?
Any caregiver who is challenged by finding/utilizing services for their child, is confused by multiple options or a lack of options, or simply needs support in decision making is a good candidate for Systems Navigation.
What are the Eligibility Requirements?This service is free of charge to any family residing in Frederick County who has a child under the age of 21 with intensive needs in any life domain.
How does it work?
The Systems Navigator will work with each family to identify needs and strengths, with a focus on coaching natural supports. The navigator will address barriers in accessing resources and services, and work together with other agencies to meet the needs of each family. Families will work with the navigator to develop and implement a family plan, and navigator will follow-up with families periodically to discuss progress.
How is it different from case management/family support?
Systems Navigation at MHA is different from traditional case management in a number of ways:
ü       It is family driven , empowering members to plan their care
ü       It is evaluation based. In most cases, an assessment tool called the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths scale (CANS) is used to guide the development of service delivery decisions.
ü       It focuses on collaboration between providers, the minimization of barriers, and strives to avoid duplication of services.
ü       It is advocacy focused; teaching families the skills they need to negotiate the systems in which their child is involved.
ü       It is short term in nature.
ü       It focuses on family satisfaction and the utilization of a system of services that are responsive to consumers.
How do I access Navigation Services?
·         Dial 2-1-1. If you experience difficulties calling 2-1-1 you may dial
 301-662-2255 or 1-800-422-0009 (outside of Frederick County)
·         Referral by an agency or individual counselor
·         Call Systems Navigation directly at 301 663-0011 x158 Susan Barnhill or
      x161 Hillary Banachowski
How long will it take for the Systems Navigator to respond?

The Systems Navigator will make initial contact with families within 24-48 hours following a referral.