Service Coordination

Service Coordination, Inc. provides advocacy, access to resources, and assistance in increasing connections for people with developmental disabilities.  Service Coordination is an agency contracted by DDA, Developmental Disabilities Administration.  They serve individuals who have applied to and/or are currently funded by DDA.  Since this system can be confusing, Service Coordination is here to help families and students understand this process better. 
What to expect from a service coordinator?
-meets you at times convenient to you and your family
-creative in helping you think about your life and what you want and how to get the supports and services you want and need
-asks what you want and then helps you obtain this quickly
-asks if you like the supports and services your child is receiving, and helps you act to change what you do not like
-acts as an advocate for you, saying things to your provider that you want said but need someone else to say for you
-tells you about new types of supports and services so that you can change what you receive if you want to do so
-keeps you informed of the progress to get you the supports and services you need
-treats you with respect and kindness
-respects your confidentiality and right to privacy
-is ethical and acts honestly and with integrity
You can contact Dawn Bambrick or Sandy Stewart at Service Coordination at 301-663-8044 for more information or for help in obtaining and completing a DDA application.   I also have DDA applications if you are interested in applying.  If interested, you can visit their website at
Also, on another note, you can help your child apply for social security benefits at age 18 by calling 301-682-6765, or 1-800-772-1213.  The social secuity office for Frederick Co. can be found at 10 North Jefferson Street, Suite 204, Frederick, MD 21701.