FCC Expectations, Services Available, Self-Advocacy:

Frederick Community College Expectations, Services Available, Self-Advocacy:
  1. Make the most of your high school experience! Take advantage of all of the resources at high school since this will help you transition to college. Learn to use technology. Computer literacy is a necessity to participate fully in college. Placement tests are on the computer. FCC Blackboard system is on the computer. Student should know how to use e-mail and search the Internet for information. Use your summer wisely to prepare.
  1. Update your documentation! Services for Students with Disabilities Offices require current documentation. There is not an automatic continuation of the accommodations that were received in high school. What was considered an impairment in high school for special education services may not be diagnosed as a significant disability under the ADA. Contact FCC or other colleges you are considering for info on what documentation will be needed by your medical professional.
  1. Reasonable Accommodations: Typical requests include note takers, extended time for tests, a quiet place to take tests, and use of tape recorders and other devices. Specific accommodations that were received in high school may not necessarily be provided in college. It will depend on your documentation. FCC Student Success Plans – updated each semester!
  1. Learn how to use assistive technology that you will need to do your coursework. Don’t wait until you are in a class with your first assignment due before learning how to use the technology you will need to do your work, (i.e. Text Help Read and Write, Dragon Dictate, and Franklin Speller for spelling). FCC will train you with the assistive technology.
  1. Take the placement tests as soon as possible so you know where you stand in terms of reading, writing, and math. This is only waived if SAT scores are 550 or better. You can take the placement tests during your senior year, (untimed, math can use calculator). You will not be able to have any of the placement tests read aloud, however you can scribe, if applicable. If you take Algebra 2 as a senior and get at least a B, you will be exempt from the math placement test. Many students spend their first semester or year taking developmental classes, which are non-credit classes and do not count as part of your GPA.
  1. Learn to take notes. Notetaking is an important college skill! Drop-In Writing Center and Math Lab, as well as free tutoring, is provided to all students for one hour per week for each class that you are registered for.
  1. Pick a college that has appropriate supports for you. Check out the services, technology, and staff.
  1. Meet with Services for Students with Disabilities staff as soon as possible! Call 301-846-2408 for an appointment. Bring your documentation with you.
9. Seven hours of courses can be considered full-time for health insurance purposes only!