Introduction to Algebra Syllabus

Introduction into Algebra
Mrs. Weiss     &      Mrs. Davies
            Teaching is a partnership between myself, my colleagues, students and their parents and the community. Students will only be successful if everyone in the partnership works with enthusiasm, dedication, and competence. Students will get out of their education only as much as they put into it; a large part of my job is to motivate them to want to get as much as they can out of their education. With this understanding, my vision is to be able to successfully work with all of my partners in order to educate my students in such a manner that they understand the importance of being a knowledgeable individual who has the responsibility and ability to make our world a better place.
Required Materials:
            *Calculator (TI 83 or 84 preferred)
            *Notebook (Three Ring or Spiral)
            *Pencils / Pens (Pencils preferred)
1.      Cheating will not be tolerated. You will receive a zero as a grade if caught.
2.      Be respectful to those around you, if you’re having a bad day, don’t take it out on everyone around you!
3.      Bring your materials to class.
4.      When you are absent, YOU are responsible for finding out the work that you missed. 
5.      All school rules apply in the classroom at all times.
  1. The grading policy is as follows:
100 – 90% = A                                    45% Tests
89 – 80% = B                                    30% Quizzes
79 – 70% = C                                    10% Homework
69 – 60% = D                                    15% Class work
59 – 0% = F
*All grades have the possibility of being rounded up to the next highest percentage IF they are .5 or more. For example, 79.5% = 80% B-
  1. Homework should be completed on a daily basis. The students are permitted to miss up to two questions and still receive full credit. If the student did not attempt three or more questions, then the student will receive a zero for the day. Late homework will be accepted the next day at half credit. It will not be accepted after that. 
  1. Unit tests and quizzes will range in values according to the chapter. Homework, projects and group work will also be recorded for grades.
  1. Tests will be given at the end of every chapter and students will be given sufficient notice. There will NOT be any re – takes on exams!! If the test or quiz was announced prior to your absence, you should be prepared to take the test upon the day of your return. Tests will need to be made up after school; it is your responsibility to schedule a make – up date with me.  Test corrections will be offered to the students and due shortly after the test is given for partial credit.  Pop quizzes ARE fair game!! You must be prepared.
  1. Missed work: It is the student’s responsibility to get missed work. I will try and catch those who were absent as well. Tests and quizzes must be made up according to the school’s policy. The rest will be up to the teacher’s discretion.
  1. Extra Credit may be provided throughout the course of the class at the discretion of the teacher. (Meaning: if I give it, do it! I might not give it again!)
  1. I am going to try to have projects and group work included; however, time is a determining factor.
  1. The students will not leave the room unless they are dismissed by the teacher. This is to prevent teacher items from leaving the classroom and to make sure that the students are informed about any up-coming events.
Additional Information:
  1. Cell phones will not be permitted within the classroom. I should not see them or hear them. 
  1. Books must be covered and brought to class. If you lose the book or it is damaged, you will pay the replacement cost of the book.
Please feel free to contact us at any time. Our email addresses are and . Our phone numbers are (Weiss) 240 – 566 – 9628 and (Davies) 240 – 566 – ????. I have fourth block plan.
UNITS COVERED: (Some sections might be negated- discretion of teacher)
Chapter One: The Tools of Algebra
Chapter Two: Integers
Chapter Three: Equations
Chapter Four: Factors and Fractions
Chapter Five: Rational Numbers
Chapter Six: Ratio, Proportion and Percent
Chapter Seven: Fractions and Graphing
Chapter Eight: Equations and Inequalities
Chapter Nine: Real Numbers and Right Triangles
Chapter Ten: Two – Dimensional Figures
Chapter Eleven: Three – Dimensional Figures
Chapter Twelve: More Statistics and Probability
Chapter Thirteen: Polynomials and Nonlinear Functions
Please cut and return the bottom piece of the syllabus.
Mrs. Weiss / Mrs. Davies                               Mathematics
I have read the course syllabus and understand the conditions of it. 
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