Fitness For Life Grading



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High School Physical Education

Fitness for Life

General Guidelines:

In Physical Education grades are based on assessment in all three domains of learning; cognitive (knowledge), affective (social/psychological), and kinesthetic (movement). Student’s physical education grades are based upon the following assessments of learning.

Refer to Frederick County BOE Regulation 500-5 for our County Grading Policy.  

In High School Physical Education classes there are two components of instruction that are graded; Meets Objectives and Exit Outcomes.


I. Meets Objectives: 60%

The student’s grade will be based on the following criteria

       Prepared to learn in affective, psychomotor and cognitive domains

  • Works and engages themselves in order to achieve objective(s)



II. Exit Outcomes: 40%

  • The Exit Outcome grade is specific to individual student achievement.  Student performance is assessed by means of required exit outcome assessments as identified by the curriculum office and from the portfolio.  

  • There are a total of 16 exit outcome assessments. A minimum of 10 must be completed throughout the term.  

  • Students need to apply knowledge of improvement and lifetime fitness through evaluation, checks for understanding, as well as labs. Growth will be evident through exit outcomes. assessments.