Dress Code



Dress and Appearance – Students are expected to be clean and dressed in a manner that adheres to school community standards, is appropriate for LHS, and is not disruptive to the educational program.  The following are general guidelines:


  • Students are restricted from wearing clothing that is unduly revealing. (ie: cut low at neck or under the arms, exposes bare midriff, excessive amount of exposed skin).

  • Underwear, in part or in total, may not be visible.

  • Hats and other head coverings cannot be worn during the school day unless for medical and/or religious reasons.

  • Clothing with advertisements for, or promoting the use of, alcohol, tobacco or other drugs is prohibited.

  • Clothing containing sexually suggestive, racially divisive, or otherwise offensive graphics or slogans is not permitted.

  • Any article of clothing that causes a school disruption or is offensive will need to be changed.


Students who violate the dress code will be removed from the educational setting until a change of clothing is made.  Repeated violations will result in discipline beyond the change of clothing.