Child Development

                                      362040 1 Grades 9 - 12
                                      363041 2 Grades 9 - 12
                                      363061 3 Grades 10 – 12
Prerequisite for Level 2: Child Development 1
Prerequisite for Level 3: Child Development 2
Students who complete Child Development 1, 2, and 3 meet the state requirements receive their 90-clock hour Preschool Certification. The course introduces the study of children with emphasis on the preschool child. Through classroom activities, observations of children and actual experiences with preschool children in the child development laboratory, students study the stages of growth and development, the role of play in children’s learning, strategies for supporting physical, intellectual, social and emotional development, and positive guidance practices and techniques. Students become acquainted with career opportunities working with young children and the various roles and responsibilities of
those who provide care.
In level 2, students begin to take greater responsibility for the administrative functions of the preschool program, communicating with parents and working cooperatively to plan instruction.
At level 3, while continuing to teach in the preschool laboratory, students learn about the administrative responsibilities of operating a child care center.

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