Attendance Policy

Attendance Policies:
Absences from School - Students absent from school must present a written excuse within two school days from a parent/legal guardian. The note must give the student’s first and last name, the date and the reason for the absence. The note must be turned into the Attendance Office at 7:15 am or in between classes. Emails are accepted as well; they can be sent to  
Student Athlete – When a student athlete is late to school during the day or leaves early while in their athletic season he/she must have a doctor note in order to play whether it is a game or practice. When the student comes into the Attendance Office, the pass will be stamped “Legal to Play” and should be given to the coach.
Family Vacations – 5 days are allowed per year. Seven days before the vacation occurs the student must bring in a note from the parent/guardian stating the dates of the absences and the reason. The student will receive a vacation slip from the Attendance Office for approval for teachers and the assistant principal.  Whenever possible, vacations should be taken at times that do not cause a student to miss school.
College Visits – Seniors are allowed 4 college visits per year. A note must be handed in prior to the visit with the date and reason.
Late Arrivals to School – Students who arrive to school after 7:30 am must report to attendance. Students should have a note explaining the reason for being tardy.  Consequences are assigned for repeated unexcused late arrivals to school.
Early Dismissals – Students leaving early must have a note from a parent/guardian with the time and reason for leaving early. The reason cannot just say “appointment.”  It must state medical, dental, physical therapy, funeral, club soccer tournament, skating competition, etc. The Attendance Office is open at 7:15 am to receive all notes and will write passes for early dismissals. If a student cannot make it to our office in time, the note can be handed into the first period teacher. It is the student’s responsibility to pick up the pass at the Attendance Office after first period.  
At the time of dismissal the student must show the pass to the teacher. When returning to school the same day as the early dismissal, please check back into the Attendance Office for a return pass.

Any questions or concerns please email or call. or 240-566-9720.

FCPS Attendance Regulations