Athletics Forms

FCPS has produced a required paperwork packet that contains all of the following forms which must be completed before a student can begin to try-out / practice.

To participate in school sports activities, students must submit verification of a medical examination on April 1 or after (no longer June 1 or after) for each academic year of participation. Student physical examinations cover one school year only. FCPS requires that a student shall be examined and certified as being physically fit to participate in any tryout, practice or contest of a school team. This examination shall be performed by a licensed physician, certified physician assistant under the supervision of a licensed physician or a certified nurse practitioner.



FCPS Required Paperwork
to Participate in Interscholastic Athletics

 Based on community feedback, FCPS has gone paperless and is proud to release its new online registration
for athletic teams.

  Parents/Guardians should follow these steps:

 Go to

 Click on Athletics on the lower left hand column
under “Quick Links”

 Click on “Online Athletic Team Registration”
at the top of the page

Physical Examination Form

Athletic Participation Fee 

FCPS Unified Sports Registration Site


  1. Guide for Student Athletes and Parents: This two sided page is designed to provide useful information to athletes and parents. Some issues addressed are: age requirements, athletic fee, outside team membership, academic eligibility, and an overview of the alcohol, tobacco, drugs and drug paraphernalia policy.
  2. Concussion information sheet: This page is designed to provide information about concussion symptoms and guidelines for dealing with concussions.
  3. Physical Evaluation Form: This form is two pages. On the first page, the information is supplied by the athlete and his/her parents or guardians. The second page is to be completed by a doctor. The student must be examined (physical exam by a doctor) after April 1st in order to be valid for the entire next school year. The physical is good for the one school year.
  4. Authorization to Participate in Interscholastic Athletics / Student Athlete Information form: This two sided form requires a signature by the Parents / Guardians to authorize an athlete's participation in a sport and verify the athlete meets the Residency Requirements. It also requires Parents / Guardians to provide proof of medical insurance. School Insurance (800-237-0903) can be purchased on-line at or insurance forms can be picked up at the main office of THS. Because insurance coverage doesn't become effective until the application and premium are received by the Company, you will need to submit these items prior to August 10th. Students are asked to identify previous athletic participation on high school athletic teams. Please make sure as a Parent / Guardian you place your initials and signature in the appropriate places. This form needs to be completed prior to each season of participation.
  5. Transportation of Student(s) to and from FCPS activities and events: This form is to be used by team members who do not use FCPS transportation to travel to events or practices. (Examples: Golf team practices and home matches, swim team practices and home meets, some Cross country practices, etc)
  6. Student Emergency Card: Parents / Guardians provide emergency numbers and information