Address Changes

To change your student's address, please submit to the Registrar's Office a copy of any one (1) of the following, showing your new address: 

  • Your electric bill dated within the previous two (2) months
  • Contract/Lease for your home
  • Current year's property tax bill

These are the only documents the State of Maryland will allow us to accept.

Please write your home phone number and the names of all adults and school age children (even if they don't attend LHS) living at your new address on the copy.

If you cannot provide current proof of residency in your name, then you and the owner of your home must complete the Multi-Family Residency Affidavit, have it notarized, and submit it along with one of the items listed above from the owner.

If you do not live in the LHS district then you must also submit a copy of your Out-of-District approval letter in addition to your proof of residency as listed above.