Stephanie Bindel


Job Title: 

Case Manager


Stephanie Bindel


Special Education

Job description: 

Special education case manager for students at LHS and department chair for the LHS special education department.  As case manager, I ensure students with disabilities are properly supported and accommodated in the classroom setting.  Primary reponsiblities include running and managing IEP meetings, advocating for student needs in the educational setting, and overseeing the special education department at LHS.  


I am available daily for my students, as well as their parents.  However, I am unavailable on Wednesdays due to mandatory IEP meetings.  The best way to reach me is via email at  


Tuesdays & Fridays
Room C214

Students can attend tutoring to get help with homework, prepare for upcoming tests, work on long-term projects, and prepare for the HSAs via online test practice.  Students may come as often as necessary to maintain success.  Transportation is required at the end of tutoring.  Please encourage your child to take advantage of this opportunity! Reservations are not required.