Maryland Law requires that a written excuse be provided each time that your child is absent.  The excuse should be received by the school within two days of the absence and should include the date of the absence, your child's first and last name, the reason for the absence, and the signature of you as the parent/guardian. Without this information, the absence is classified as an unlawful (unexcused) absence.

A written excuse from the physician is necessary for long-range restriction from physical education activities. All children will go outside for recess, weather permitting, please dress your child appropriately.  We will not excuse children from recess without medical documentation.

Notification of Excessive Absences: Families of students accumulating excessive absences will be notified routinely by letter.  Students will five or more unlawful absences in a term or with fifteen cumulative absences will be notified at the close of quarterly terms.  With continued absences, a doctor's verification may be required for additional days beyond the monthly and quarterly maximum.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Students who are granted out-of-district status and do not comply with school rules and regulations (including:  attendance, truancy, tardiness, and behavior) may have their out-of-district status rescinded or denied according to FCPS Regulation 400-15.