LES Book Exchange

Starting October 26, 2020 - Ending January 26, 2021

Media - A Week and B Week Schedules

It may be a virtual learning world, but Mrs. Byard can’t wait to get physical books back in the hands of students!

How will Book Exchange work? 

Students will use the LES Library Media Center catalog to place books on hold. Then, following the Book Exchange Schedule, families will pick up their bagged/bundled books from the light blue, outside media center door.

Don’t forget to place books on hold by the 10am deadline today, for this Wednesday’s Book Pickup!

How does our family get started? 

Step 1: Read the LES Book Exchange Guidelines and Pickup Schedule for details. 

Step 2: Complete this quick Parent Permission for Distance Learning Book Exchange Form.

Step 3: Your child may begin placing books on hold! 

Watch the How-To Video to learn how to search for books, and place books on hold, or follow these written instructions. Students will also receive guided instruction on searching for books and placing holds during a library lesson. 

Media Schedule Change

Media will now be on a rotating Week A/Week B Schedule

  • During Week A, students will attend their Google Meet with Mrs. Byard for their synchronous library lesson. 
  • During Week B, students will access asynchronous library lesson activities in Schoology, during their regularly scheduled media time. Everything the students need for their asynchronous lessons will be in the orange folder in Schoology. 

Please contact Dana Byard through Schoology, or by email at with any questions.


FREE to-go meals

Starting September 23, 2020 - Ending January 1, 2021

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

FCPS is extending free "to go" breakfast and lunch service through December 2020 to all children ages 18 and younger, following recent approval from the United States Department of Agriculture. FCPS will also provide meals for adults 19 and older who are enrolled in an FCPS program for people with disabilities.

Thirty-four schools and four community sites will provide the free meals, continuing to follow the Summer Food Service Program guidelines, with no need for children to be enrolled in a Frederick County public school. Parents may pick up a student's meal.

Meals are provided from 11 AM- 1 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays using the following schedule.

Mondays - "To-go" breakfasts and lunches are provided for Monday and Tuesday
Tuesdays - Kitchens are closed
Wednesdays - "To-go" breakfasts and lunches are provided for Wednesday and Thursday
Thursdays - Kitchens are closed
Fridays - "To-go" breakfasts and lunches are provided for Friday, Saturday and Sunday

The schools serving the "to go" meals from the kitchen serving line are as follows:

Elementary Schools
Ballenger Creek Elementary
Brunswick Elementary
Butterfly Ridge Elementary
Centerville Elementary
Deer Crossing Elementary
Emmitsburg Elementary
Glade Elementary
Green Valley Elementary

Hillcrest Elementary
Lewistown Elementary
Liberty Elementary

Lincoln Elementary
Monocacy Elementary
Myersville Elementary

New Market Elementary
North Frederick Elementary
Oakdale Elementary
Orchard Grove Elementary
Spring Ridge Elementary
Sugarloaf Elementary
Tuscarora Elementary

Twin Ridge Elementary
Valley Elementary

Waverley Elementary
Whittier Elementary

Middle Schools
Brunswick Middle
Crestwood Middle
Gov. Thomas Johnson Middle

Thurmont Middle
Windsor Knolls Middle

High Schools
Frederick High
Gov. Thomas Johnson High
Middletown High
Walkersville High

Also starting Monday, September 14, the following sites will distribute to-go breakfasts and lunches from a school bus at the dates and times listed above:

  • 7th Street Frederick Shopping Center Parking Lot, 1305 West 7th Street, Frederick
  • Brunswick Heights Shopping Center Parking Lot, 92 Souder Road, Brunswick
  • Concord Mobile Homes Park Community, 4828 Pioneer Circle, Jefferson
  • Lucas Village Community Center Parking Lot, 111 Pennsylvania Avenue, Frederick

School meals service will continue to change as needs are determined in areas around Frederick County.  FCPS posts details at

Children do not have to be present. A parent, guardian or other designated person can pick up food for children. Parents/guardians or children will enter the school cafeteria and pick up the food in the kitchen serving line. Masks must be worn by all children and adults entering the cafeteria, and family groups must stay 6 feet apart from other family groups. The food server will do all of the food handling. All food will be compartmentalized or individually wrapped.