February 2012: Vol. 3, No. 7

FCPS: A Major Contributor
To Maryland's National 1st Place AP Ranking
AP Report Cover
Maryland ranks first in AP success a fourth straight year, according to the College Board's Advanced Placement Report to the Nation: 2012. And FCPS is a major contributor to Maryland's success.
While Maryland ranked first nationwide with 27.9% of graduating seniors scoring 3 or better on an Advanced Placement (AP) exam, FCPS is among just four Maryland school systems with at least 30% of seniors achieving that mark. A score of 3 or better on a five-point scale is the threshold at which many higher education institutions award college credit. 
For several years FCPS students overall have also outscored their state and nationwide counterparts. In 2011, 68.9% of FCPS students who took AP exams scored 3 or better, taking 5,237 exams. This achievement outpaces Maryland's 61.5% and the global 60.2 percent.

"It is not a coincidence that outstanding people putting in outstanding effort yield outstanding results," said College Board President Gaston Caperton.

Superintendent Dr. Terry Alban agrees and adds, "I am so proud of our students and their excellent teachers. It is imperative that we keep quality teachers in our classrooms to help students achieve the kind of excellence that these AP results exemplify. With the support of our community's families and school partnerships, topnotch teachers make all the difference." 

            School by School Results and More          AP Report to the Nation
First-Class Leadership and Service
Your Work Makes Us Proud
George TraceyMore than one First-Class Employee nomination speaks to Maintenance and Operations Department project manager George Tracey's continued excellence at FCPS. George received his most recent award this month in recognition of outstanding work overseeing floor replacement in Urbana HS's front office.
Principal Kathy Campagnoli wrote, "George demonstrated his dedication to the project, creating multiple floor tiling designs for our consideration. His attention to quality detail coupled with a keen awareness of aesthetic appeal further fueled his passion to make an otherwise simple floor a rather unique display of school pride. George cleverly drafted several designs featuring the beloved "U" our school is known for. The finished product is testament to George's fine talents and abilities. We truly appreciate his dynamic work ethic and creative productivity in making us proud of our work envornment." 

Blue ribbonCongratulations to all staff earning First-Class Employee awards since our last newsletter: Amber Benson, Douglas Biggus, Stephanie Bittner, Charles Bowers, Wendy Campbell, Karen Cole, Colleen Daiger, Karen Driggers-Graber, Billie Easton, Richard Gardner, Frances “Becky” Lear, Tanda Packer, Betty Pasternak, Cheryl Quirk, Sarah Santacroce, Jean Smart, Jessye Smith, Kristen Spear and Karlene Wong.

FCPS is also accepting nominations for 2012 Support Employee of the Year Awards until April 13. Details are online: www.fcps.org/awards. At its June 13 meeting, the BOE will recognize one finalist from each of 8 support employee job classifications:
  • Business Support
  • Custodial/ Maintenance/ Warehouse (nonschool-based)
  • Custodial (school-based)
  • Food Services
  • Instructional and Mainstream Assistant/ Community Liaison
  • Secretarial (nonschool-based)
  • Secretarial (school-based)
  • Transportation
Two of the 8 finalists―one school-based and one nonschool-based―will become the 2012 Support Employees of the Year. 
Superintendent Announces Reorganization
Cost-Neutral Strategic Changes
Org Chart
Superintendent Dr. Terry Alban recently announced plans to reorganize FCPS, effective July 1. She has considered feedback about the school system's needs and strengths from principals, teachers, parents, community members, her Cabinet and other staff. Her goal is to assure that FCPS is strategically positioned to:
  • Address student, teacher and school community needs and system goals.
  • Effectively implement the Common Core Standards.
  • Optimize operating efficiency.
Although there are some new and repurposed roles outlined in the plan, there are also positions eliminated July 1, making the overall reorganization cost-neutral.
Instead of two associate superintendents with separate elementary and secondary responsibilities, the reorganization names Steve Lockard deputy superintendent, PreK-12, and Ann Bonitatibus chief operating officer (COO), with Communication, Facilities and Fiscal Services and Human Resources executive directors reporting to her rather than to the Superintendent. School Security will also report to the COO.
Reporting to the deputy superintendent, Jason Anderson will serve as executive director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Innovation.
FCPS is advertising to fill a new K-12 School Administration and Leadership executive director position to whom instructional directors, Student Services and the Athletics and Extracurricular Activities supervisor will report.
Dr. Alban and FCPS Insider will provide more information as decisions are made in the months ahead.
FLU FIGHTERS FCPS received the Adventist HealthCare LifeWork Strategies 2012 Flu Fighter Award. “Nearly 1,300 employees got flu shots at one of 53 on-site FCPS flu clinics this past fall, helping to stop the spread of flu in our community and schools,” said FCPS benefits senior manager Colette Baker. Ms. Baker coordinates the school system’s Employee Wellness Program with FCPS benefits specialist Linda Stout.
heartFROM THE HEART The FCPS American Heart Association’s Wear Red for Heart campaign was a huge success, thanks to Linda Stout's organization and employees' generosity. FCPS raised over $5,880 for the AHA. Middletown PS (see photo) placed first with an impressive $878 in donations. Central Office came in second with donations totaling $575. 
CARING  Thurmont ES counselor Elizabeth Myers and Thurmont MS counselor Becky Krauss served on the planning committee for a Frederick County Health Department workshop held February 14 during Children of Alcoholics and Addicts Week.
NEW SCHOLARSHIP Honoring FCPS National Teacher of the Year Michelle Shearer, SAIC-Frederick started a scholarship fund via The Community Foundation to support graduating FCPS seniors planning a career in science, technology, engineering or math. 
PinNATIONAL PARADE  In the 2011 New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Linganore HS Lancers marching band finished 2nd among high school bands. This is the largest parade in the nation, and the win is quite an honor for the students, all their music teachers, parents who supported them and director Kevin Lloyd!
TOGETHER WE'RE BETTER Glade Valley ES students in Sheree Kastner's 2nd grade class won 1st place in The Arc Maryland’s Together We’re Better poster contest to raise awareness of disabilities and the value of inclusion. Rock Creek students in Catherine Vincent’s 5th grade art class won honorable mention.
MARYLAND'S BEST The National Daughters of the American Revolution’s Frederick Chapter and the Maryland DAR named Oakdale HS social studies teacher Colleen Bernard Maryland’s 2012 Outstanding Teacher of American History.
G&T  The Maryland State Advisory Council on Gifted and Talented Education named Spring Ridge ES enrichment specialist Regina Farnsworth a Teacher As Leader Outstanding Educator. Eighth grade Governor Thomas Johnson MS student John Lucado Jr. won one of the Council’s awards for Student Accomplishment in Gifted and Talented Education.
bocceSTATE CHAMPIONS In the 2012 Unified Bocce State Tournament, Tuscarora HS students won Division IV and Urbana HS students won Division III. Congratulations to THS coaches Mark Angleberger and Mike O'Brien and UHS coaches Greg Chapman, Michelle Hill and Kasey Smith. In addition, Urbana HS varsity wrestlers won the 4A-3A State Wrestling dual championship! Kudos to coaches Ben Arneson and Joe Hawkins.
News to Use
Wellness LogoCOULD YOU USE $25?  1,000 FCPS benefited employees will receive an extra $25 in a May paycheck. To enter your name in a drawing to be among them, visit http://www.uhctogether.com/FCPS/index.html to read about our Wellness Program's Smart Choices and complete the brief questionnaire. Deadline is March 31!
The HR Benefits Office will provide hard copy workbooks to those who prefer them. If you use the workbook, complete and tear off the quiz page, add your name and employee ID number, and send the page to the FCPS Benefits Office. This will enter you in the drawing.
Our goal is to educate employees about the importance of being wise healthcare consumers and developing healthy lifestyle habits. These actions help keep our self-insured costs and your premiums low!
CALENDAR The BOE approved the 2012-13 school year calendar at its February 22 meeting. See the calendar.
BUDGET The BOE approved the 2012-13 operating budget request going to the County Commissioners March 1. See budget details.

LIBERAL LEAVE Personnel designated essential by the principal or department supervisor are exempt from the liberal leave policy. When liberal leave is declared, the following guidelines apply for nonessential employees:

  • You must inform your supervisor if you will be absent or late
  • You may use either personal or annual leave. If personal and annual leave are exhausted, you may request to have leave charged against future earned leave (pay statement will show a negative balance).
  • Support employees may, with supervisor's approval, make up time in lieu of using leave.Snowflake
  • FASSE, FCTA and FCASA agreements outline some aspects of employee leave procedures in more detail. Supervisors and employees are encouraged to reference current agreements.
EMPLOYEE SNOW HOTLINE FCPS posts phone messages about employees' work status when weather conditions require closing or delay. The confidential phone number for employees only is available from any FCPS-networked computer. 
ESSL 50TH A book is in the works to celebrate the FCPS Earth & Space Science Lab's 50th anniversary next year. If you have memories to share of the ESSL's early days or if you know someone who does, please write to ESSL.Memories@fcps.org. Expect memories shared to appear on a forum coming soon to the ESSL Web site. Author/editor Phil Brohawn especially hopes to hear from families with more than one generation of ESSL visitors!
ELECTION Frederick County’s Board of Elections seeks individuals to serve as election judges at polling places on Primary Election Day, April 3, when schools are closed. Training is provided, and all judges are compensated $35 for training and a minimum of $125 for Election Day work. The Board especially needs chief judges in the Kemptown, Mt. Airy and Urbana areas. 
CAREER & TECH ED February is Career and Technology Education (CTE) Month, according to the national Association for Career and Technical Education. The Association reports that 18 of the 20 fastest growing occupations within the next decade will require CTE skills to meet industry standards. Find out more!
K/PRE-K REGISTRATION Please spread the word that schools need parents to register their children early, starting March 1, so we can plan for adequate staff and appropriate class sizes. 
COMING SOON Please respond when you get a FindOutFirst survey seeking your feedback about the FCPS Calendar Handbook.
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