August 2012: Vol. 4, No. 1

Fast Facts to Orient You
As We Launch 2012-13
CHB201213FCPS is starting the school year with a strategic reorganization to increase our effectiveness and efficiency. Former elementary and secondary associate superintendent positions have been restructured.  Deputy superintendent Steve Lockard's focus is on all grade levels. Chief operating officer Ann Bonitatibus oversees business services:
Please welcome the 200+ teachers new to FCPS, the largest employer in Frederick County. Our 5,500 fulltime-equivalent positions equate to about 7,000 total employees preparing to welcome 41,000 students Monday, August 27.
Lincoln ES opens doors to its newly modernized school with all students under one roof instead of across the street from one another. See the new Lincoln ES.
Nextdoor to Lincoln ES, our Earth and Space Science Lab offers the new Natelli Observatory, open to staff, students and community members for star gazing. Our goal is not only to invite elementary students to the observatory but also to link it to schools countywide.
FCPS relocated 18 portable classrooms over the summer (kudos to project manager Tony Ray) and is ahead of schedule to open a new $3.3 million wing later this month at Oakdale ES with 10 additional regular classrooms, a pre-k classroom, two planning rooms and two classrooms enlarged for kindergarten.
The planning phase for the Frederick HS modernization has begun with major staff, student and community engagement.
Oakdale HS adds 12th grade after opening in 2010 with grades 9 and 10 and adding 11th grade last year.
Cafeteria meal prices held steady for students, and adult lunch prices remain $3.75.
Maryland has reinstated the Government High School Assessment (HSA) as a graduation requirement for all students entering 9th grade in the 2013-14 school year and beyond. Administration this school year will serve as a formative assessment.
Learn what else FCPS accomplished over a very busy summer!
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New Maryland Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Lillian M. Lowery Visits FCPS
Superintendent Dr. Terry Alban welcomed Maryland's new Superintendent of Schools Dr. Lillian Lowery (right, in photo) during her August 7 visit to FCPS. 
The FCPS TV crew captured brief remarks from Superintendent Lowery as she arrived at the Central Office: 
"I was reading about Frederick, Maryland's data...and it's just a great, great story," Dr. Lowery said.  "You are doing amazing things, and I want to be able to share that across the state."
More about Dr. Lowery, who became Maryland State Superintendent of Schools and Secretary-Treasurer of the State Board on July 1 and moved to Maryland from Delaware, where she served as Secretary of Education since January 2009.
First-Class Leadership and Service
Thanks to You, Public Education Succeeds
PrichardPrincipal Kathy Prichard is the Maryland PTA 2012 Educator of the Year!
“The FCPS community takes tremendous pride in Kathy’s accomplishment. We’re all committed to building and sustaining relationships—Kathy has set a wonderful example of how to do that effectively,” said Superintendent Dr. Terry Alban.
According to the Maryland PTA, award recipients serve as statewide models. The award showcases exemplary work building a strong school community. The Yellow Springs ES PTA commends the ways Kathy creates transparency by being accessible and realizing that when parents understand the reasons why schools do what they do, it is a win-win situation for all—but that the true winners are the children. More: FCPS Principal Is Maryland PTA Educator of the Year
Congratulations to staff earning First-Class Employee awards since our last newsletter:  Patricia Dawn Aburto, Amber Ankrom, Kathy Campagnoli, Troy Carter, Jason Dean, Jacqui Disler, Adam Farbman, Leslee Forster, Ellen Georgi, Trudy Griebenow, Alison Hardy, Brenda Harne-Herbert, Guy Hofer, Samantha Hoague, Eddie Main, Melanie Martin, Mercedes Mason-Gould, Brenda Newhouse, Frances Nusbaum, William McRoberts, Laura Olsen, Laurie Owens, Kerry Oswald, Julie Pallansch, Brett Querry, Ashley Roberts, Bobby Saxon, Liz Sherman, Lera Straits and April Wells.

It's easy to nominate a deserving employee!

$$$ SAVERS FCPS started the new fiscal year with 2,400 cases of A4 paper in the warehouse. We are down to 1,400 cases.  Warehouse Manager Roy McHaffa says, "Thank you to all employees who have used this paper, saving FCPS roughly $25,000." Accolades to Roy for leading the way.
EXCEPTIONAL Department of Special Education and Psychological Services administrative secretary Jo Ann O’Toole (left) received the Distinguished Governor Award for exceptional service to the Chesapeake District of Civitan International. Jo Ann has served in the Waynesboro Civitan Club and the Civitan Club of Frederick, with a special emphasis on helping people with developmental disabilities.
LEADERSHIP Oakdale HS band director Kimberly Sandifer’s research study in South Africa was on the agenda for the South African Society for Research in Music’s annual conference. Her work led to donations of 40+ instruments and a thriving band program.
StuffTheBus2012LIFE CHANGER Instructional assistant Karl Helmold is a 2012 Coca-Cola Educator of Distinction. Middletown HS graduate Matthew Gabb nominated Mr. Helmold for making a positive difference in students’ lives.
A+ SUPPORT In our last issue, we published a photo of the 2012 Support Employees of the Year. Though the selection committee could only recognize one winner in each category, commendations also to all support employees nominated
GIVING  FCPS Student Services director Kathleen Hartsock (left in photo) and Family Involvement coordinator Shari Ostrow Scher extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped in this year's Stuff the Bus school supplies collection!
The bus picked up donations from about 20 locations in a collaboration involving many community partners and volunteers, the United Way, CASS social workers, family involvement staff and building-management personnel. Each contribution will help equip our students for a great school year.  
News to Use
SURVEY SAID... Here are the 2012 Calendar Handbook Survey results. An impressive 99% of about 2,700 respondents usually find the information they need in the Calendar Handbook. Each copy costs FCPS less than a postage stamp. To respond to suggestions we received, we moved artwork and the lowest ranking content to provide more space for personal notes on the month pages. Families with more than one FCPS student are asked to return any unneeded copies to the school.
UPDATES Please update your Calendar Handbook Directory pages 54-56:
*Under School Administration and Leadership, replace TBA with Thomas Saunders, middle schools instructional director
*Pupil Personnel Workers Mike Hombach 240-236-8932 phone and 240-236-8923 fax; Heather Krystofiak fax 240-236-8867
*Willard (Mac) McLean, acting director of Transportation
*Urbana ES street address: 3554 Urbana Pike
APPLY NOW  FCPS students benefit each year from citizens’ generous donations through the Community Foundation of Frederick County. Last school year, nearly $9,000 in earnings from donated funds supported student enrichment projects. FCPS has posted applications online for the 2012-13 Gifts for Education Endowment and Gladhill Endowment for Agricultural Education grants. The deadline is Thursday, September 13 at 4 p.m. For more: 301-696-6805
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FCPS Factoid
SchoolBusQ:  In what year was yellow chosen as the color for U.S. school buses?  What's new this year for FCPS buses?
A:  1939, as our nation implemented school bus construction and safety standards
New this year, Frederick County is the first in Maryland to outfit school buses with cameras to record and ticket drivers who pass illegally. Registered owners found in violation will receive a $125 civil citation in the mail. The CrossSafe Program is a partnership between the Frederick County Sheriff's Office and Xerox to provide a new layer of safety for schoolchildren.