October 2014: Vol. 6, No. 3

FCPS Outperforms the State and Nation
On AP, SAT Scores

FCPS2StartsIn 2014, FCPS continues to achieve impressive results on Advanced Placement (AP) and SAT scores.

AP:  We outperformed state and global mean scores and percentages of AP students with scores of 3 or better:
     2.98 Maryland 
     2.89 Global
     3.16 FCPS

And here's how we fared in the percentage of students with scores of 3* or better:
     63.0 Maryland
     61.3 Global
     73.5 FCPS

*Achieving a score of 3 to 5 on a 5-point scale qualifies students to receive credit at many colleges and universities.

CollegeBoardSAT: Our senior class performed well above state and national averages on the SAT mean critical reading, math, writing and combined SAT-1 scores, consistent with trends for previous years.  Results for the class of 2014 increased 7 points in critical reading, 7 points in math and 3 points in writing, compared to the senior class of 2013.

2014 combined mean scores:
     1468 Maryland
     1497 Nation
     1555 Frederick County

Frederick’s combined mean score rose 17 points, Maryland’s fell 15 points, and the national score fell one point.  The 2,041 FCPS SAT-takers represent 67% of seniors, an increase from the 66% participation for the class of 2013.

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Employee Excellence
Teachers Fulfill Promise of Public Education

"Meeting the needs of our students will always be our most important charge regardless of the current headwinds in our profession," says Brunswick MS social studies teacher Scott Strait.

"We can’t possibly prepare them directly for all of the challenges they will face as adults.  We can, however, prepare them to face these challenges and...we can carry them for a short while.  We can help them forge their own paths by building their confidence, fostering their creativity, enabling and celebrating their successes, illuminating their mistakes, allowing them to safely take risks, and leading them to places they would not go alone.  We have great opportunities every day to share our experiences, our values, and our strengths with our students....One day, if we do our job well, if we lead by example, if we are successful in our charge, our students will become giants for others."

Also in Brunswick but teaching English at the high school level is Jerald Eiler, proud of his students' two state championships in team forensics, five individual state champions, 18 national qualifiers, and a national champion in poetry reading! 


JURIED Middletown HS art teacher Donna Lehman has artwork on display at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts for the juried 82nd Annual Cumberland Valley Artists ExhibitFitnessForAllion. Of 217 entries submitted, only 68 were selected for exhibition. Donna has two pieces in this show, which runs through January 11. Entry into the Museum is free:  http://wcmfa.org

FRONT PAGE Gov Thomas Johnson MS held a Fitness for All adapted physical education event for students in the Learning for Life program.  Teacher specialist Anna Routzahn, Oakdale HS senior Claire DiBella and Frostburg State University Physical Education Department staff organized the successful after-school program, featured on the Frederick News Post front page. Students participated in various activities that included musical instruments, a parachute, tag games, bowling, volleyball and basketball.

News to Use

COMBINED CHARITIES If each of us chooses to pledge even $1 per week to the 2015 Combined Charities Campaign, we will make a tremendous difference to the hundreds of Frederick County families who struggle every day to make ends meet. Last year, FCPS employees donated $67,809 to agencies through Combined Charities. This year's goal is $69,843, which translates to about $12 for each employee. Please look over the list of participating agencies when your materials arrive, and give as generously as you can to support the causes and issues that matter to you. If you choose to give via payroll deductions, they will begin in January.  

WellnessAppleBETTER BENEFITS UnitedHealthcare physical and occupational therapy benefits have lower copayments for employees and covered dependents. Copayments have decreased from $30 to $20 per visit. Patient and therapist must complete a Patient Summary Form for each term of treatment (not every visit).  Most patients fill this form out once, but if the condition requires prolonged treatment, they may need to complete an additional form with updated information.  UnitedHealthcare staff then review and process the form. See the flier. 

NEW FACE IN A KEY PLACE  Please welcome Rob Bruno, our new Human Resources Talent Acquisition/Management personnel officer for elementary, special education, and English Language Learning.

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Chromebook Delivery
Behind the Scenes at the 24th Annual Maryland Teacher of the Year Gala

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FCPS Fast Fact

GermQ:  Do you know effective ways to block sneezes and coughs from spreading germs during cold and flu season?

A:  Check out this fun video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtnEwvUWDo0

See more tips about preventing infectious diseases:  Handwashing Tips     Good Health Habits

Other helpful sites:  http://www.frederickcountymd.gov/health     www.dhmh.state.md.us/     www.cdc.gov