October 2013: Vol. 5, No. 3

FCPS Delivers on the Promise
Surpasses State, National and Global Averages

Graduation GraphicIn spring 2013 FCPS students continued to outperform their state and national peers on the SAT and surpass state and global scores on Advanced Placement (AP) exams, according to the newest College Board reports.

The FCPS average combined mean SAT score was 1538. This is 55 points higher than Maryland’s combined average of 1483 and 40 points higher than the nation’s average of 1498. Our senior participation rate was 66 percent, or 2,089 students.

More FCPS students than ever are also taking challenging college-level AP exams: 3,067 FCPS students (42 more than last year) took 5,463 AP exams (183 more than last year). Nearly 3/4s of our AP students—71.3%—scored high enough to qualify for college credit.

For more about FCPS achievement and demographic information, please visit Fast Facts under the About FCPS tab at www.fcps.org or see 2013 SAT Results and Outpacing State/Global AP

Employee Excellence
Fulfilling the Promise of Public Education

Anita WaravdekarAnita Waravdekar teaches science at Oakdale MS. "Perhaps the most difficult level to teach in middle school is the eighth grade," says the co-worker who nominated Anita for her second First-Class Employee Award.

"Teaching in one of the core disciplines is an even greater challenge," the nominator continues. "Fill the class with a group that ranges from IEP students to marginally honors, and schedule the class right after lunch during Block 4, and conditions are set to challenge and frustrate even the greatest of master teachers."

In the class described above, "Ms. Waravdekar teaches with the enthusiasm of a cheer squad captain and the patience of Job.  Her style ropes in the most reluctant of learners, and the activities she creates and presents reach all students on a practical level, hence providing the validation that what they are learning is, indeed, something they can use in 'real life.'

"Finally, Ms. Waravdekar's keen awareness of her students' capabilities and her ability to craft guiding questions gives all of her students a voice and the opportunity to be successful in her class."

Congratulations to Ms. Waravdekar and staff earning First-Class Employee awards since our last newsletter:  Anthony Keeney and Tina Murray.

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ENRICHING The following employees helped their school win grants to enrich student activities from the FCPS Gifts for Education Fund and the Franklin and Bess Gladhill Fund for Agriculture Education: Brittany Arnold, Kimberly Baker, Patricia Beachy, Deborah Carter, Dawn Getzendanner, Caryn Healander, Diane Herndon, Rebecca Hurley, Laura Jones, Nancy Keller, Tonjia Mayne, Melissa Miller, Amy Poffenberger, Nicole Rhoades, Teresa Robertson, Sara Seiser, Teresa Stevens, Lori Titus and Vivienne Werner. This year's grants, which the Community Foundation of Frederick County administers, total nearly $9,000.

LEADERSHIP Thank you to all who helped but especially to Cheryl Bales, Chris Heinze, Michele Thornton and Phyllis Younkins for their hard work and leadership in organizing the October 18 FCPS Symposium on Strengthening Professional Practice.

WMS STEMSTEM SUPPORT ClinicalRM has donated $5,000 to help Walkersville MS increase STEM career awareness. A team of WMS teachers is creating an outdoor "green" space to serve as a Career Cafe' extension of the Media Center. It will allow student groups to host speakers and events that are career oriented and/or literacy based. Left to right in the photo are ClinicalRM Generalist Kathy Leaman and Walkersville MS Principal Stacey Hiltner in the front row and teachers Korbin Shoemaker, Ann Duncan, Katie Gordon, Tina Widener and Laura Shearer in the back row.  For more information, please contact FCPS STEM coordinator Kim.Day@fcps.org.  

MUSIC TO OUR EARS The National Association for Music Education selected an Urbana HS senior to perform in the 2013 All National Honors Band at its annual convention in Nashville. The student, who is Urbana MS strings and vocal teacher Tom Mitchell's son, will play bass clarinet in the honors band.

PUBLISHED The Maryland Association of School Librarians invited New Market MS language arts teacher David Newhouse to speak at the group's conference after his young-adult fantasy sword-and-sorcery chapter book called Stars That Turn made it past the first cut in the Black-Eyed Susan Awards.

REGION'S BEST COACH  Middletown HS coach Kevin Lynott aced the USA TODAY competition for Maryland's best high school football coach...and then went on to win best in Region 2: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia...thanks to his outstanding achievements and all the voters who supported him. Now he's in the running for best in the nation! To help our FCPS coach win, please vote now through noon, Tuesday, October 29 at: http://contest.usatodayhss.com/vote/bestcoach2013/final  Please vote as often as you like and spread the word: Coach Lynott is Letter D. The code is online and refreshed each time you vote.

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FCPS Fast Fact

Kids in Computer Lab

Q:  How close were FCPS projections for this school year's enrollment?

A:  VERY close!  We have 27 more students than anticipated. 

In a system with 40,715 students, that's an outstanding accuracy rate.

Kudos to Ray Barnes and Beth Pasierb!

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