Material Reservations - Elementary School

Professional Library and Instructional Materials Center:  For Teachers and Parents

Several Health Units require materials maintained at the Professional Library & Instructional Materials Center (PLIMC).  To reserve materials for your school please contact the PLIMC by calling (240) 236-8825. Online reservations can also be made from the PLIMC's online catalog. To accommodate requests of all the schools the circulation period  for curriculum-specific materials is 10 school days.  Parents wanting to preview materials must make arrangements to visit the PLIMC at its Walkersville location, 44 W. Frederick St (room 7 of the Staff Development Center).  For the most part curriculum-specific materials are not available for home use.

Below are resources associated with various health-related curriculum.

Personal Safety (Pre-K-3rd Grade)

Individual schools will have previews prior to the week they are teaching the units to students.  Parents have the option to preview these materials at their child's school (Please make arrangements with your guidance counselor) or the Professional Library, however, the above Personal Safety materials are not available for home circulation and can only be previewed on-site.

4th Grade Family Life Unit

5th Grade Family Life Unit

Special Education (5th Grade-  )

Comprehensive Elementary Health

Other Health-Related  Resources

  • Lunchlady's Guide to the Food Pyramid
  • All Out Comb Out
  • Lice Busters