Media Center Schedule

The Media Center is open for book exchange in the mornings between 8:30a-9:00a provided Mrs. Albee is there. If Mrs. Albee is not there, the Media Center will be closed for morning book exchange. Classes visit the Media Center weekly and do book exchange in addition to a lesson.


Individual class times can be found below:


Mrs. Coletti: Friday, 2:45p-3:25p
Mrs. Jones: Monday, 2:45p-3:25p
Mrs. Kendall: Thursday, 2:00p-2:40p
Mrs. Kinnaman: Tuesday, 2:00p-2:40p


1st Grade:

Mrs. Barbour: Wednesday, 1:15p-1:55p
Mrs. Bell: Wednesday, 9:05a-9:45a
Mrs. Friscia: Tuesday, 1:15p-1:55p
Mrs. Wiehler: Thursday, 1:15p-1:55p


2nd Grade:

Ms. deMoll: Friday, 1:15p-1:55p
Ms. Franciscovich: Thursday, 9:50a-10:30a
Ms. Meador: Monday, 1:15p-1:55p
Ms. Murrill: Wednesday, 9:50a-10:30a


3rd Grade:

Ms. DeTroye: Thursday, 2:45p-3:25p
Mrs. George: Tuesday, 2:45p-3:25p
Mrs. Harris: Wednesday, 2:45p-3:25p


4th Grade:

Mrs. Baer: Thursday, 9:05a-9:45a
Mrs. Seibert: Tuesday, 9:05a-9:45a
Mr. Stahl: Friday, 9:05a-9:45a


5th Grade:

Ms. Mackintosh: Friday, 2:00p-2:40p
Ms. Thompson: Wednesday, 2:00p-2:40p
Mr. Zentz: Monday, 2:00p-2:40p