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Job Title: 

Enrichment Specialist


Kerri Cole



About Me
My name is Mrs. Cole and I am the school's Enrichment Specialist and Service Learning Coordinator.  I work with teachers and students to make sure that students' diverse needs are being met and that all students are feeling challenged.  Often I can be found in the classroom co-teaching differentiated lessons to ensure appropriate degrees of challenge for all students in the class.  I provide staff development to teachers on strategies for engaging and motivating gifted learners.  I also work with individuals and small groups of high-achieving students on enrichment/extension activities that develop creativity, problem-solving and higher-level thinking skills (i.e. Junior Great Books, Stock Market Game, Independent Investigations...).  

About Our Schoolwide Enrichment Program
At TJMS, we follow the FCPS Schoolwide Enrichment Program which is based on a model for gifted education developed by Dr. Joseph Renzulli.  Renzulli's model promotes student participation in three types of enrichment activities (Types I, II and III) in order for students to pursue independent investigations on special topics of their interest, as well as enrichment in different subject areas in cases where students have mastered portions of the essential curriculum.  To read more about the program, please click here.

Student Service Learning
To learn about service learning in FCPS, please click here.
To print out a Meritorious Service Learning Form to take with you on your service, please click here.

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