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Holiday shopping tips




The Frederick Police Department would like to remind residents 

to be vigilant during this holiday season.  

By using these tips you will minimize your risk of becoming a victim.



Lock your vehicle every time you leave it unattended  

Hide any valuables that you have in your vehicle.  Never leave items in plain view!

Remove all valuables from the vehicle when possible



Gang Awareness Program

Frederick Police to Host Gang Awareness Presentation

September 19, 2016

FREDERICK, MD – The Frederick Police Department in partnership with the National Alliance of Gang Investigators Association (NAGIA) will be hosting the first annual Gang Awareness Day presentation, “Gangs In Frederick”. The presentation will be on Monday, September 19 at 6:30 pm at City Hall, 101 North Court Street and is open to the public.

P A R K I N G and student pick up at the end of the day

Parking Lot Directions: Please see directions below to help you with traffic flow and visit weblink below.
* When you enter the parking lot, please proceed to the curbside closest to the
building first where you see the blue cars parked.
* If there are no available spaces you should back into an available space or park
your car in the parking lot (see area with yellow and grey cars).
* Once you are backed into a space please wait for an opportunity to pull out and
enter the flow of traffic.
* If all back in spots are taken please stop before the last car that is parked to allow
them to get into the pick-up line.
* Please do not stop your car behind a parked car and block the flow of traffic.
* Please be considerate of others attempting to leave their parking place and
alternate the right of way.
* Students should only cross at the crosswalk if you are parked in staff parking
area. They will be kept curbside until their parents drive around to pick them up.



FREE LUNCH available to all children 18 and under!  Beginning June 20th and continuing through August 19th, 2016, a FREE LUNCH will be served Monday through Friday (except Monday, July 4th) at the following locations:


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