About Governor Thomas Johnson Middle School

GOVERNOR THOMAS JOHNSON MIDDLE SCHOOL (TJMS) is in historic Frederick, Maryland. Opening in August 2000 as a separate facility from Governor Thomas Johnson High School, where it was housed for 23 years, TJ Middle serves as a model in school design that has captured national attention.

When students enter the building they are met by a culture of high standards and expectations for success.


Our Mission Statement

At GTJMS, we strive everyday to create an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity, academic achievement, and well-being. Our mission is to empower students for success today and persevere through tomorrow’s 21st century challenges


Our Vision

Governor Thomas Johnson Middle School is a diverse community of students, educators, support staff, parents and local organizations working collaboratively to provide an academically rigorous education, which includes the technology skills necessary for the 21st century. By holding students, educators and parents accountable for success, we are creating lifelong learners who take responsibility for their own educational goals and positive personal development. Excellence in teaching and learning is paramount to developing productive citizens who have promising and successful lives.