About Governor Thomas Johnson Middle School

Governor Thomas Johnson Middle School

GOVERNOR THOMAS JOHNSON MIDDLE SCHOOL (TJMS) is in historic Frederick, Maryland. Opening in August 2000 as a separate facility from Governor Thomas Johnson High School, where it was housed for 23 years, TJ Middle serves as a model in school design that has captured national attention.

When students enter the building they are met by a culture of high standards and expectations for success.

Grade levels are divided into "houses" to facilitate an enhanced learning environment, designed with the needs of middle school students in mind.

The entire "TJMS community" helps educate the children. A strong instructional staff challenges students to reach their full potential in all academic areas.

Teachers schedule regular tutoring sessions after school, and parent volunteers assist the teachers in many important roles.

As both a new and old school, our motto, "Building on Tradition, Creating Excellence," is appropriate to the attitudes of the parents and staff members of this inviting school facility.