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Presentation Tool Description
Powtoon logo PowToon spices up presentations by giving the user options to switch between movie and slideshow mode, create animation, add music, and embed video clips.  Includes attractive templates and easy-to-use graphics and special effects. 
 Image result for prezi logo Beautiful templates make designing a professional looking presentation simple with Prezi.  Extracting the main ideas from your information before starting the design will make using Prezi even easier. 
 Image result for emaze logo Take your audience on a tour of an art museum or soaring above the skyline of a city at sunset. These unique templates make even the driest information interesting!
 Image result for nearpod
The perfect way to entertain your audience and get their feedback at the same time.  Audience members will use their Internet-ready devices to log into your Nearpod and participate in your presentation.  Tell your library media specialist if you want to try this out, since a free demo is required.
Image result for pear deck Take your existing PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations and load them into Pear Deck with one click.  Then, you add slides between your existing ones that give students the opportunity to interact with your content as you deliver it.  Students remain engaged and teachers gain immediate formative assessments.


Digital Posters


Image result for canva logo Many free templates that enable you to organize and communicate information in visually attractive infographics.  Highlight statistics, important facts, and relevant pictures to succinctly deliver the full impact of your message.   Infographics can be shared digitally or printed as PDFs.
Image result for creately logo Flow charts, Venn Diagrams, Euclid charts – any organization involving shapes can be done almost effortlessly through Creately.   Stocked with tons of examples and templates, users will find exactly what they need to generate beautifully graphic organizers with Creately.
Image result for dipity logo Take the traditional timeline into the 21st century!  Add videos, pictures, and relevant articles to bring life to a survey of any time period or chronology.  There are great social uses for Dipity, as well, since you can keep a chronology of your own life via social media.
Image result for easel ly logo Another great option of creating an infographic that will organize and show connections between the information you are communicating to your audience.  A wide variety of templates gives the user plenty of choices for capturing the essence of their information.
 Image result for gliffy logo Show the connections between your ideas by putting them in easy-to-read flowcharts and diagrams.  With freedom to choose shapes and colors, you can clearly communicate your point in a way that is unique to you. 
 Image result for tagxedo logo Works in the same way as Wordle, but allows users to mold their word clouds into shapes: hearts, bunnies, skulls, etc.  Use color and symbols to express yourself! 
 Image result for thinglink logo Upload an image, then add content to it.  Embed explanations of parts of the picture, enhance the picture with video clips, and lead others to relevant websites.  Easy to work on collaboratively and share through embedding on websites and social media sites.
 Image result for wordle logo Enter text into the box and see what comes out!  Repeated words are enhanced in attractive word clouds that can allow you to recognize and analyze patterns in any text.  The color schemes and fonts are completely customizable in order to make the word cloud reflect any mood.



Video Tools


Image result for animoto logo Choose a style, add video, pictures, and music – it could not be easier to create a professional-looking video.  You can sign up for a free trial, but a monthly fee is required after that expires. 
Image result for edpuzzle logo Easily chop, add voice-overs, and get audience feedback on videos from YouTube, Khan Academy, TEd, etc.  Great for focusing a video both in length and in the content you expect the audience to pay attention to. 
Image result for magisto logo Morph your videos and pictures into mini movies with clear transitions, music, and graphics.  Create and store your own and watch the products of others in the “Explore Channels” section.
Image result for pixorial logo Upload pictures and unedited video footage in order to easily seam it together into a video.  Music and text can also be easily overlaid.  Ask your teacher or library media specialist to sign up for a free trial.
Image result for slideshare logo Create your own clipboards containing images and messages containing your information or browse the slides of others.  Slideshows are similar to PowerPoint presentations, but the easy sharing function adds a social component that allows users to comment on your work and allows you to follow the work of others. 
Image result for wevideo logo A free trial is available for this simple video creation tool.  Videos can be created collaboratively and be easily edited and clipped for a professional-looking result.