Clint Henderson

Contact Information:
                               Phone: 240-236-8366
                               Classes: Introduction to Chemistry and Physics, Chemistry 1, Fundamentals of Chemistry,
                                                and Physics of Earth & Space.
                               Sports: TJ Golf Coach

IF ABSENT - Email me for the assignments we are completing in class so you do not fall behind (SAME DAY YOU ARE OUT).

IF EMAILING AN ASSIGNMENT:  Make sure it is in a WORD DOC, Adobe PDF,  or PowerPoint PPT file.

Some classes will also be using Google Classroom sending out new course information.  Please be sure to check your student emails.

                 Semester 1 (Fall):
                  Block 1: Chemistry Merit
                  Block 2: Chemistry Honors
                  Patriot One Lunch
                  Block 3:Planning 
                  Block 4: Chemistry Merit

                 Semester 2 (Spring):
                  Block 1: Physics of Earth and Space (PEaS)
                  Block 2: Chemistry Honors

                  Patriot One Lunch
                  Block 3:  Chemistry Honors
                  Block 4: Planning  


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