Patricia Jenkins

Job Title: 

Math Specialist


Patricia Jenkins



Welcome to Glade!  I am the math interventionist and math leader at our school.  One of my roles this year includes co-teaching in third grade with Ms. Stackhouse, in fourth grade with Ms. Thomas, and in fifth grade with Mr. Garrigan.  I am excited to be working with these wonderful teachers and helping the intermediate students learn and enjoy math.  Co-teaching provides many benefits to students.  The most important one being that there are two teachers providing support to all students.  

 I am also Glade's math leader.  My responsibilities include providing professional development opportunities for teachers for math.  This year our focus will be implementing the common core in the intermediate grades and making connections to the Standards of Mathematical Practice with"Number Talks" in the primary grades.  I enjoy helping teachers locate valuable resources and identifying best practices for teaching math. 

I faciliate the implementation of several computer-based math interventions such as "FASTT Math and MATH WHIZZ.  By mid-October some students will be identified as candidates for either of these interventions.  An  "Inside Intervention" for Math will be coming home explaining more about FASTT Math and MATH WHIZZ. 

On a personal note... I live in Walkersville with my husband and two children, Sammi and Joey.  Sammi is currently attending WVU as a freshman.  She is majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. My son is a freshman at WHS.  He plays on the high school golf team, enjoys ice hockey in the winter and playing baseball in the spring.  My husband also works for FCPS as a principal at Carroll Manor Elementary School.  He enjoys biking and spending time with the kids and working on his doctorate.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  I love to shop and eat out!  I love my golden retriever, Buttercup.  She's 12, and enjoys sleeping the day away!