Noun Song

This week, 1st Grade is learning about nouns. I wrote a song about nouns and brought my guitar in and played it for 1st Grade. Here are the lyrics to the Noun song. Ask your students to sing it for you!


A noun is a person, a person place or thing
A noun is a person, a person place or thing
its a noun, its a noun, its a noun
When you're eating a ham sandwich, you're eating a noun
When you're going down the slide, you're going down a noun
When you're at the beach, you're at a noun
When you're chompin' on a peach, you're chompin' on a noun
It’s a noun its a noun, its a noun
your Mom's (is a noun) your Dad, your Sister and your Brother and your dog (a noun)
A boat (a noun) a car (a noun) a piece of wood that floats (its a noun)
The park (a noun) the moon (a noun) your best friend Mark (is a noun)
Mr. Wade (he's a noun) the principal (she's a noun) all the kids in first grade (are nouns)
We’re nouns, we're nouns, we're nouns
Repeat chorus
Rabbits (are nouns) cabbage (is a noun) your carry-on baggage (its a noun)
Your back-pack, your fruit snack, cracker jacks (are all nouns)
The movies, pajamas, big, tall llamas,
Mountains, and woods, your neighborhood
They're nouns they're nouns they're nouns
 Repeat chorus