Articulation Information


  • Articulation is the process by which sounds, syllables, and words are formed when your tongue, jaw, teeth, lips and palate alter the air stream coming from the vocal folds.
    • A child has an articulation problem when he or she produces speech sounds incorrectly. 
    • Cause: Articulation problems may be caused from a physical problem, hearing loss, or may be related to other problems in the mouth, such as dental problems.  However, most articulation problems occur in the absence of any obvious physical disability.  The cause of these articulation problems may be faulty learning of speech sounds. 
    • Assessment includes:
      • Sound production
      • Stimulability (Can the student produce the sound with help?)
      • Intelligibility (Can you understand the student?)
      • Structure and function of the oral mechanism
      • Rate of Speech
      • Effect on communication / education

v    In order to qualify for any speech/language services, the speech/language impairment must have an impact on the student's educational performance.

v     Please follow the special education process for referral for services.