Homework Activities



Click on the month below to view that month's homework calendar.


*Students are asked to complete 2 activities per week.  Of course, they may complete more if they would like.  An adult must help the student with the activity to make sure that it is being completed accurately.

*Some of the activities may be too difficult or too easy for your child.  If this is the case, then you can modify the activity by asking easier questions, asking more difficult questions, using different vocabulary, offering choices, giving models, showing pictures, or another modification.


Many of your children are given the homework calendars in their speech folders.  Please take the calendar from their folder, do the activity, initial the activity that you practiced with your child and return the calendar in the child's speech folder.  If you cannot locate your child's speech folder, give me a call.

In addition to the homework calendars, your child should have additional homework in his/her speech folder to practice.  Please make sure that you are completing the speech homework with your child weekly.  This is an integral part of the speech/language therapy program.  Working on speech skills at home and in various settings outside of the speech room, help your child to reinforce and carry over the skills into everyday activities.  Working together, we can facilitate progress toward achieving the skills necessary to be a successful learner!