About Glade Elementary School

Glade Elementary School


GLADE ELEMENTARY is located in Walkersville, Maryland, a rural yet increasingly suburban community. Our mission is "Guiding all students to be inquisitive, responsible and respectful; Educating all students for lifelong learning; and Succeeding in holding a vision for the future." Glade, as part of the Walkersville feeder schools, realizes the important part elementary school plays in preparing students for graduation. Therefore, each teacher knows what they must do to shape and develop the Walkersville graduate.

To relieve the overcrowding situation at Walkersville Elementary School (WES), the BOE made the decision to transfer their kindergarten program to Glade until the addition to WES is completed. This process should take about three years. At the start of this 2007-08 school year, we added six kindergarten classes to our three (bringing us to a total of 210 kindergarten children). At the beginning of each school year the WES kindergarten children will return to WES as first graders. In addition, we have also welcomed the Pre-Kindergarten program from WES.

A wonderful community supports GES students and staff. Our award-winning Parent Teacher Association (PTA) works to support students’ academic, social and cultural growth by sponsoring various extracurricular activities and programs. Cultural arts programs, Reflections for the Arts program and our Science Fair are just a few activities that help students develop into well-rounded individuals.

The secondary and higher-education community supports GES staff and students. Student-service learners from Walkersville High work daily with our students to provide academic support and mentoring. GES early childhood and special education staff collaborates with Hood College, helping to prepare teacher candidates for their careers. In turn, Hood College provides professional development opportunities for Glade staff. Our students benefit from daily instructional support and the most up-to-date, research-based instructional practices.

Glade students are educated by committed teachers who bring a range of experiences, talents and abilities to the classroom. They continually develop their professional skills through graduate coursework and local, state and national conferences. Many have multiple teaching certifications, and some hold national certification. Glade’s wonderful support staff also guides students in their academic and social development.