Virtual Outside of School Program

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The Virtual Outside of School (VOS)  program allows students to take courses that are not available to them in their home school for a variety of reasons.  These courses can be taken for enrichment, to improve a grade or for students to earn additional credits.  Classwork is completed online, independently.  Exams are proctored by staff members at the home school sites.  A mandatory orientation session is required to complete the registration process.  Students will additionally meet with their course instructor during specified dates throughout the duration of the course.  

Interested in taking a course?  Click the image above for specific information on the available courses & class meeting dates.  Review the information and complete the pre-registration form.  Once complete, hand it in to your school counselor. 


For descriptions of course titles listed in our registration packet, please view the FCPS course guide

Call the FCVS office with questions about the VOS program at 240-236-8450.