Biographical Resources

When researching a person use these resources:

(Remember that the tutorials for these resources are in my Google Classroom:  
FHS Media Center (


Biography in Context Biography in Context  is for those seeking contextual information on the world's most influential people. Provides access to authoritative reference content (including Lives & Perspectives) with periodicals and multimedia allowing users to search for people based on name, occupation, nationality, ethnicity, birth/death dates and places, or gender as well as keyword and full text.
Gale Virtual Reference Library

Gale Virtual Reference Library allows researchers to instantly access thousands of electronic reference books including encyclopedias, almanacs, and other specialized resources.

Student Resources In Context provides contextual information on a broad range of topics, people, places, and events, including access to full-text magazines, academic journals, news articles, primary source documents, images, videos, audio files and links to vetted websites.