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Frederick High School Alumni Association, Inc.
President: Lee Ann Palmer Redmond
Vice President: Kathy O'Hara
Treasurer: Ed Higinbotham
Acting Secretary: Jennifer Bern
Join in the fun! The FHS Alumni Association is seeking graduates to join our organization. Please contact Lee Ann Palmer Redmond at 301-698-9277 or for more information.
FHS Distinguished Alumni Recognition
Each year nominations are sought from alumni friends, families and community members to recognize those who are renowned in or have made a unique contribution regionally, nationally and/or internationally in the following catagories: Arts/Humanities, Business/Industry, Community Service, Education, Public Service, Recreation/Athletics or Special Recognition. Distinguished Alumni are selected from Frederick High School (including the Boy's and Girl's High Schools) from 1891 to the present. The FHS Distinguished Alumni Selection Committee selects no more than 7 candidates each year to be inducted. The inductees are honored during a ceremony and the names are placed on the FHS Distinguished Alumni Wall located at the front entrance to the school.
Distinguished Alumni Applications will be accepted until July 15th for the current year. Please contact Lee Ann Palmer Redmond at for more information.
Mail or deliver complete forms to:
            FHS Distinguished Alumni Recognition
            Frederick High School Alumni Association, Inc.
            650 Carroll Parkway
            Frederick, Maryland  21701

Distinquished Alumni Inductees
Name (By Maiden Name)                             Class of                       Year Inducted
Bomango, Stephen Anthony                       1974                            2008-09
Clagett, Galen Ronald                                   1960                            2010-11
Culler Jr., Floyd L.                                          1940                            2009-10
Thompson, Tamara L. (Davis)                    1965                            2010-11
Randall, Frances Ann (Delaplaine)            1941                            2011-12
Delaplaine Jr., George Birley                      1943                            2009-10
Derr, John W. "Jack"                                   1959                            2011-12
George, John Christopher                           1964                            2009-10
Green, Paul James                                        1939                            2010-11
Griffin Jr., Joseph T.                                      1944                            2009-10
Griffith, John "Jack" Thomas                     1944                            2008-09
Grimes, James S.                                           1957                            2010-11
Grimes, John Grayson                                   1953                            2008-09
Ponton, Lucille (Harbaugh)                           1937                            2009-10
Johnson-Winegar, Dr. Anna (Hart)             1963                            2009-10
Hoover, Lloyd Kydd                                         1942                            2010-11
Kehne, Max Stanley                                        1944                            2010-11
Lightner, James Edward                               1955                            2010-11
Markey, Richard Edward                               1960                            2008-09
Markoe, David W.                                            1960                            2008-09
Mathias, Charles M.                                        1939                            2008-09
McCardell, Claire                                             1923                            2008-09
Martin, Barbara (McCutcheon)                    1943                            2010-11
Olson, Nils W.                                                   1966                            2010-11
Ramsburg, Jason Michael                            2000                            2010-11
Reeder, Bruce Lindbergh                              1943                            2010-11
Richardson, Harry Lamar                              1961                            2011-12
Sanders, Jr., W. Eugene                                1952                            2010-11
Schrodel, Charles S. "Jack"                        1953                            2008-09
Smith, Helen L.                                                 1912                            2008-09
Talley, William Richard                                  1944                            2009-10
Thompson, John L.                                         1947                            2011-12
Brown, Deborah Ann (Thompson)              1965                            2009-10
Utt, William Phillips                                        1975                            2011-12
Wisner, Charles Robert "Buck"                 1947                            2011-12
Young, Ronald N.                                            1958                            2008-09
2012-2013 Distinguished Alumni Inductees 
Bryant, Bettie Jane – Class of 1963
Floyd, Richard M. – Class of 1959
Harris, Spencer Fenton – Class of 1903 (Boys High School)
Jenkins, Charles "Chuck" A. – Class of 1974
Keeney, Robert W. – Class of 1956
Meadows, Martha E. – Class of 1959
Palmer, Gordon Franklin, Sr. – Class of 1922 (Boys High School)
Phebus, Debra S. – Class of 1976
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