Enrollment Information

FCPS provides free public education to eligible Frederick County students age 5 through 20 and also to qualifying pre-school children.

To enroll your student at Frederick High School, you will need to complete an Enrollment Form, a Request for Records, a New Student Survey and an Athletic Eligibility Form, which are available in our office or on this page.  Contact the Student Services office, at 240-236-7072, to set up an appointment.  Complete these forms and bring them to the Student Services office with the following items:
     1.  Withdrawal/transfer form from prior school
     2.  Unofficial transcript (incoming 9th graders may provide a copy of the 8th grade report card)
     3.  Last report card received
     4.  Current class schedule
     5.  Immunization record
          - Parent may obtain a copy of the immunization certificate from the sending school or their physician
          - The student may not begin school until records have been evaluated
     6.  High School Assessment test scores (if student is coming from Maryland)
     7.  Proof of residency (the following items are acceptable):*
          a.  Electric bill (within the last 30 days)
          b.  Gas bill (within the last 30 days)
          c.  Water/sewer bill
          d.  Property tax bill
          e.  Signed lease or rental agreement
     8.  Proof of birth (the following items are acceptable):
          a.  Birth certificate
          b.  Passport or visa
          c.  Physician's certificate
          d.  Baptismal or church certificate
          e.  Hospital certificate
          f.  Birth registration
          g.  Notarized parents affidavit
     9.  Guardianship documentation -- must provide legal documentation of guardianship if not parent.  Only the
           parent/legal guardian may enroll the student.  Aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbors, friends, and step-
           parents may not enroll the student unless they are the student's legal guardians.  Proof of custody must 
           be shown by one of the following:
                - Parent's name on birth certificate.  The parent must present a photo ID at the enrollment appointment
                - Parent/legal guardian presents legal document, generated by the court, with judge's signature,
                  granting custody of the student.  In the case of divorced parents, the divorce decree that specifies
                  custody is required.

Completed forms and documentation are to be returned to the Registrar so that eligibility for enrollment can be determined.  This includes but is not limited to verifying that your student resides in the Frederick High School attendance area, that the previous school is not an alternative behavioral placement, and that the student is not suspended or expelled from the previous school.  

*When the child does not live in a home owned or leased by the parent/legal guardian, the owner/leaser must provide the following documents to verify that the parent/guardian and child live at the address:
     - A parent residency/multi-family disclosure form signed by parent and property owner and notarized AND
     - A proof of residency (see above) for the property owner/leaser.