Dress Code

v      Male and female students are restricted from wearing clothing that is unduly revealing (e.g. cut low at the neck or under the arms, spaghetti straps, exposes bare midriff or shoulder blades, pants worn below the hips exposing the student’s underwear or skin). Shorts and skirts should be mid-thigh in length.
v      State regulations require the wearing of shoes in public places at all times.
v      Students are expected to follow all school rules governing safety in specialized programs that may require the wearing of protective clothing, safety glasses, proper foot protection, or other similar requirements.
v      Students have the responsibility not to wear or display buttons, arm bands, flags, badges, decals, or items of symbolic expression that could substantially disrupt or materially interfere with school activities or that are legally libelous or obscene.
v      Students are not to wear clothes or items that show drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or weapons.
v      Students are not to wear clothes or items that feature sexually offensive or vulgar words, pictures, phrases, drawings, etc.
v      Clothing or items containing derogatory expressions or language regarding a person’s race, color, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability that could substantially disrupt or materially interfere with school activities are prohibited.
v      Strictly forbidden is any attire, which serves to disrupt the safe and orderly environment of the school.   Examples are: items worn to depict gangs, certain clothing that may conceal weapons or other illegal items such as drugs and accessories that may be used as weapons. 
v      Headgear – Will not be worn inside of the building. This includes: caps, hats, bandannas, visors, do-rags, hoods, or any other attire, which would serve to cover the head. Students will be expected to remove head dress immediately upon entering the building.
v      Public display of affection as defined by prolonged embraces, kissing and inappropriate touching will be subject to intervention and correction by staff members. The dignity of all students must be respected and valued.
v      Riding/use of skateboards on school property is prohibited. 
v      Consumption of food/candy and drink is prohibited in classrooms. 
v      The school is not responsible for lost or stolen personal property items.
(cameras, calculators, electronic devices)
All electronic devices should be stored out of sight and remain off during school hours. This includes walkmans, MP3 players, Ipods, and cell phones (even those with picture-taking capabilities). Staff members have the right to take them and turn them into the administration. The following policy is in place:
                1st offense- teacher warning/detention
2nd offense-teacher turns device into office. The item is returned at the end of the day.
3rd offense-Parent are required to come in and get the device. Additional disciplinary consequences can be assigned for continued offenses.