Week of November 28th, 2011

There are only 14 more days of after school tutoring before the January HSAs!  Be sure you are attending to review and prepare for the assessments.  If you need a copy of the schedule for the days of the week for each HSA course tutoring session, stop in the Guidance Office.  5th Block Rocks - the more you go, the more you know!  Remember, to graduate with a Maryland High School Diploma, each student must pass the Algebra I, Biology, and English 10 High School Assessment!

Week of November 21st, 2011

The countdown to the January HSAs begins!!!   There are only 51 days until the HSAs begin on January 9th.  Be sure you are going to after school tutoring to review and prepare for the assessments.  5th block rocks - the more you go, the more you know!  Happy Thanksgiving!

October 17th, 2011

There are only 12 weeks left until the January High School Assessments are given.  Students should be sure to attend the after school tutoring that is offered for English, Biology, and Algebra HSA review.  Students can ride the academic bus home at 4:00pm if they live in district and attend tutoring.  The tutoring schedule is available in the Guidance Office.

I do not use this blog

I do not use this blog.  Instead, I regularly update my class websites and send e-mails out to all parents on my distribution lists.  If you are the parent or guardian of one of my current students and you are not receiving those messages, please contact me and I will get you added on to the list.  If you just need the website addresses, here they are.

Click on the following links to reach my class websites and calendars.

Week of September 26th, 2011

Students with a failing HSA score will retest next week:

October 3rd    English 10 HSA

October 4th   Biology HSA

October 5th  Algebra I HSA

Tests begin at 7:30am.  Students need to arrive on time with a number 2 pencil and should report directly to their assigned testing room (rosters are posted in the cafeteria and the front lobby).

Week of September 12th, 2011

There are only 12 school days left until the October HSA tests.  Be sure you are reviewing the content areas that you need to retest for. 

October 3rd English HSA
October 4th Biology HSA for practice tests and (username hsaonline, password student) for review courses
October 5th Algebra HSA


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