Friday 2-8-13

We are finished with the 3rd week of ICP!  We reviewed the scientific method, constructed a bar graph for the Bubble Lab, organized our notebooks, and took a Notebook Quiz.  Whew!!!!  I'm tired - thank goodness it's the weekend :)
Homework:  NONE - come back ready to work - it's measurement and conversion week next week, kind of like math

Thursday 2-7-13

Today we collected our data for the Bubble Lab - measured the diameter of bubbles created by students using three different dish soaps.  Then the students calculated average bubble size for each soap. 
Homework:  Work on organizing your notebook for tomorrow's Notebook Quiz

Wednesday 2-6-13

Students worked very hard on their first Quiz (Graphing)!  Please remember that if you do not finish a classroom assignment in the given time, it is YOUR responsibility to finish it ON YOUR OWN TIME.  You must keep up - Falling behind is a scary place to be :(   Students should have finished Chapter 1 reading assignment.  We also reviewed the Bubble Lab for tomorrow.
Homework:  NONE :)

Tuesday 2-5-13

The new skill today was circle graphing.  Students collected data and calculated percentages in order to construct a circle graph.  Criteria of a circle graph were reinforced and practiced.  Students also spent some class time working on the Chapter 1 reading assignment.
Homework:  GRAPHING QUIZ tomorrow - review ALL graphing activities in notebook

Monday 2-4-12

A new week:  please remember to ASK for missed work for absenses.  Today we reviewd graphing by completing a chart about the 3 types of graphs:  bar, line, and circle.  We also started our Chapter 1 reading assignment.  There is a graphing Quiz on Wednesday and a Notebook Quiz on Friday of this week.
Homework:  Review Graphing skills

Friday 2-1-13

Students completed their GRAPH-DATA Review Packet today and turned in Safety Posters.  I can't wait to hang some of these amazing posters around my room :) 
Homework:  NONE - have a great weekend

Thursday 1-31-13

Classroom Maps were turned in today - most of them look GREAT!  Students are now working on a GRAPH - DATA Review Packet.  It is important to scientists to be able to collect, organize, and display data accurately.  This is a classroom assignment.
Homework:  Safety Poster due tomorrow, Fri. 2-1

Wednesday 1-30-13

Today's type of graph was the BAR graph.  Students created a criteria list for bar graphs and then constructed a Class Pet Bar Graph.  Today was the last class day for work on Classroom Map and Safety Poster.
Homework:  Classroom Map due tomorrow Thurs. 1-31 and Safety Poster due Fri. 2-1

Tuesday 1-29-13

Paper Clip Lab was completed today incuding quetions and a line graph.  Students now should have mastered constructing a line graph.  Students were able to work on Classroom Map and Safety Poster.
Homework:  Classroom Map due Thurs. 1-31 and Safety Poster due Fri. 2-1

Monday 1-28-13

Today we collected data for the Paper Clip Lab which reinforces the scientific method.  Assignment Sheets for Classroom Map and Safety Poster were also distributed.  We will work on maps and posters in class some.
Homework:  Classroom Map - due Thursday 1-31 and Safety Poster due Friday 2-1


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