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It's getting close

Spirit Week and Homecoming are right around the corner..... we need everyone to stop by and help.  Most days we stay until 4:30.   Spirit Days have been selected:
Monday:  Twin Day
Tuesday: Nerd Day or Senior Citizen Day
Wednesday:  Seniors:  Costumes; Jrs:  Green; Sophs:  Purple; Frosh:  Orange
Thursday:  Toga Day or Bow Day
Friday:  Black and Gold Day

Canned Food Drive and Spirit Links all week long
Pep Rally: block 4 Friday Nov 2
Fireworks:  Friday at 6:30

What's up with SGA this semester

SGA has several acitivies planned for semester 3:

  • the search for a new FREDDIE costume and head....look for details on how to participate in this contest...there will be prizes
  • the annual SGA Leadership Conference and mini lock in will be Friday March 5
  • we will be sponsoring monthly dress up days......just to keep our spirits up

Welcome Back

2 more weeks of semester one........then we move on.
Please be prepared for your final exam next week


It's time for a new mascot......Freddie is getting old and smelly.    As you may or may not know, Freddie is a custom made mascot.    Mr. Barber designed the original Freddie with a vote by the student body.     
SGA will be sponsoring a contest to design a new Freddie.   Start getting your ideas together.   We will make announcements soon.

November 19, 2009

Today we are finishing Unit 9:  Testing and Intelligence.   I am concerned by the number of students who are not turning in assignments.  As you know, I do not accept late work.   Not turning in work is adversely affecting grades for some students.

Tomorrow we begin Unit 10:  Personality Theory, affectionately known as Freud and Friends :)   We will have a quiz on Tuesday, the day before break, among other assignments.

November 17, 2009

Students received 2 assignments today:   IQ problems and a Culturally Biased Test.   Most students turned in the IQ problems.  Remember:  both assignments are due tomorrow, and I do not accept late work.

Also, remember your test and reflection paper are on Thursday.   Please be prepared for both.

November 16, 2009

Today we began unit 9 on Testing and Intelligence.   Please remember to bring calculators to class tomorrow.   We will be discussing the advent of intelligence testing, and its progress since.  We will continue with a discussion on the value of said testing.

November 13, 2009

Students received the grade on their Unit 8 test, took the extra credit game challenge and turned in an internet assignment today.   Honestly, I'm concerned over the number of students who did not turn in this 50 point assignment.   The hole they are digging for themselves is going to be very large if they don't start taking responsibility for their work.   Parents, if you are reading this, please check Pinnacle to make sure your child is turning in his/her work.  I do not accept late work, and students know this.

November 12, 2009

Tomorrow we will be doing our Extra Credit competition, using the cognition and memory skills we studied in unit 8.   This is an opportunity for the students who are present to work in preselected teams to earn points. Also, tomorrow, the internet assignment worth 50 points is due

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