Mark Bowman

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...Mark Bowman is Retiring.
After 40 years as a public school teacher and 25 years as co-director of the Earth and Space Science Laboratory, Mark will retire on June 30th, 2014. 

During Mark’s tenure at the ESSL/Planetarium, tens of thousands of students, parents, and other adults have participated in their school’s visit to the ESSL or attended one of the 1500 evening programs that Mark has helped provide. 

His work ethic, dependability, dedication to his colleagues, the facility and program, and commitment to the students and community have been commendable. It has been stellar!

Mark is the ‘Cal Ripken’ of FCPS!

Throughout the next few months as you visit the ESSL for an evening program, or with your child’s class, please thank Mark for his year’s of service to the Frederick County Community.

 The early ESSL years – 1989.
During the NSF grant years when every Frederick County elementary teacher took some sort of science course through Hood College. Mark was a part of the teaching team. 1993-95.



Recipient of the “Outstanding Science Teacher” award from the Maryland Association of Science Teachers – 1995.


Kick starting the Spaceship Earth fundraising event in 2002. (The ESSL’s 40th anniversary!)


After accepting the Ausherman Family contribution for naming of the new planetarium – 2005.


At the ground breaking ceremony for the new ESSL –   2008.

The last day at the old ESSL-  2009.

Welcoming the first group of students to the new ESSL – 2009.

At the ribbon cutting  ceremony for the new building  – 2009.


Behind the mission control console in the Ausherman Planetarium - 2011.


Commanding the volunteers during the night shows – 2012.


Of course, there will be priorities with retirement . . .

Such as spending time with the grand kids . . . 

. . . and family members. . . 

. . . or trying to knock a few strokes off the game . . .

. . . or maybe learning a new hobby!