Sarah Fawley


Job Title: 

School Counselor


Sarah Fawley




Welcome! My name is Sarah Fawley and I am the school counselor at Emmitsburg Elementary School. I love working with our students. The school counseling program at Emmitsburg Elementary School is designed to help students receive the

best education possible. A good education involves reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, as well as learning to work with others, making good choices, accepting responsibility, and developing an awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses.


 At Emmitsburg Elementary School, the school guidance program is a comprehensive developmental program based on the American School Counseling Standards. I will provide classroom lessons, small groups, and individual counseling. I will focus on academic development, career development, and personal and social development to promote life-long learning.


Classroom Lessons

  Classroom lessons are taught to all grades using the Frederick County School Counseling Curriculum. These lessons will include friendship skills, career exploration, study skills, how to handle bullying, and how to be successful in school.


Small Groups

  Small groups are planned to meet students’ needs. Groups offered may include changing families, dealing with a death in the family, how to handle friendships, and anger and frustration. Please contact me if there is a topic or group that may benefit your child.


Individual Counseling

 I can provide brief short term individual counseling and support for students experiencing difficulties that interfere with their education.


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