Mrs. Krantz' Biography

My Education     

     I grew up in Frederick County. I attended Walkersville Elementary, Middle, and High School. In High School I was a part of the drama department, volleyball team, and the Japanese Club. I went to Japan for a couple of weeks and the following year hosted Japanese students in our home. After High School, I attended Elon University and got my bachelors in Communications. I was able to study abroad in Australia through a program at Elon. I got my masters in Elementary Education at Mount Saint Mary's University. 

My Career

     My teaching career started here at Emmitsburg Elementary School more than a decade ago. I have taught 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade. Some of my favorite things about teaching at Emmitsburg are the wonderful families and connections I have made here. The teachers at Emmitsburg Elementary are very dedicated to making sure every student succeeds. They support each other with ideas and resources and work together for the best of the school. I feel very lucky to work at such a great school.

My Family

     I have three kids and three cats. My oldest child is Ryan. He is in high school and plays baseball year round. He is always busy doing something. Ryan also came to Emmitsburg Elementary School from Kindergarten through 5th grade. My middle child is Scarlett. She also came to Emmittsburg for Pre-K and Kindergarten. She is everything a middle child girl should be. She is full of spunk and a bit of drama. She does gymnastics and is quite good. I love watching her work hard toward her goals. My youngest is Jonah. He is following in his brother's footsteps playing baseball as much as he can. He is sweet, go-with-the-flow and quite the rule follower.  We love to travel to North Carolina to visit family and beaches in addition to the traveling we do for baseball. 

My Favorites

     I love to read and to draw. My favorite book series is Harry Potter. My favorite author is Roald Dahl. I wish I had an imagination like him! My favorite thing to do when I am not at school is to go to the beaches of North Carolina. I love a good cup of coffee on my patio, especially when the hummingbirds come to visit. I am not sure what my favorite movie is but I enjoy the two newer Jumanji movies. My favorite subject to teach is writing because I love to see my students' creativity come out on paper.