Students should practice math facts nightly.  Facts were sent home.  Please keep at home for practice.  Your son/daughter will be receiving more throughout the year.  We teach facts by strategies.  A lot is working with is base 10.  When helping your son/daughter with math homework this is how we are teaching to work out math problems (I know we all were taught the tower form), however this is how it is taught now.  Trust me it is wonderful once the students get the hang of it.  They will rarely get a problem wrong and it will help with multiplication and division in years to come.

Continue to practice Place Value and Money!!!!!

46 + 13 =
Add your tens add your ones
40 + 10= 50
50 + 9=59

65 - 37=
Keep one number whole.
The website below will show you an example of how students are solving problems.