Websites we use in class

 Our classroom follows a specific routine throughout the day.  Below is our schedule.  

  • 840-class instruction begins
  • 840-900- Fluency practice
  • 9-915-Word Study
  • 915-10 Shared Reading with concept building
  • 10-11 Directed Reading Group instruction and center time
  • 11-1120 Handwriting/Writing
  • 1125-1155 Lunch
  • 1155-1215 Recess
  • 1215- finish up writing
  • 1240-140 Directed Math
  • 140-225 Soc. St./Science
  • 225-305 Specials

Websites that we use in lab or in the classroom Game Goo is an interactive website where kids can play educational games.  Our favorite is Fearless Frieda and Fearless Frieda and the Big Kahuna.  Both help students practice spelling. Monkey Business-takes mixed up sentences and has the students place the words in sequential order. Starfall works on reading short stories that follow chunk patterns, such as -at -an -en -ake and other consonant vowel patterns.  There are also video clips and activities. this website has been a staple of the Kindergarten program.  Students are very familar with this site and can access any game and play it with ease. Frederick County Public Library website.  Ebooks for Kids is a link that allows a student to listen to a story read by a narrator. In that same link you will find BookFlix which shows video book stories for students.