This year in math we will be:

August ~ reviewing math workshop expectations as well as what math will look like in fifth grade (SMP lessons).

September ~ we will be discussing place value and how our number system works. The students will be moving and working with the correct place value names including decimals to the thousandths.

October ~ we will review what is required when we add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals using the US algorithm method.

November ~ we begin the month looking at volume and what that means in the fifth grade world. This year the students will determine the formula for volume as well as apply it to their everyday world.

December ~ we will be focusing our instruction on fractions. The students will be adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators as well as unlike denominators. Students will also be required to know equivalent fractions, simplying fractions, and improper fractions.

January ~ we will review the fraction concept as well as look at how fractions are related to division and percentage. The students will memorize the percentages of all major fractions.

February ~ We will begin to multiply fractions. During this time, the students will be drawing pictures, using manipulatives, reading story problems, and conducting investigates to determine how and why you multiply fractions.

March ~ We will begin to divide fractions. During this month, the students will be struggling through the concept of dividing decimals. Together, the students and I will draw pictures, use manipulatives, watch videos, and determine a formula to remember how to do the easy method.

April ~ We will be focusing this month on geometry and three dimensional shapes. The students and I will be discussing and categorizing shapes based on their unique properties.

May ~ We will be reviewing concepts from the entire year to make sure that students are ready for what is ahead in their educational career.  

If you have any questions in regard to the Common Core math curriculum please don't hesitate to ask as we will be learning this together.