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October 13 Homework

Math~ Page 166 #1-4. Remember to think about military time and convert all numbers. Then draw the bar to assist you in solving the problem. Start with getting the minutes to the nearest hour and then determine the number of total hours you have. Then complete the problem by adding any additional minutes you might need and check your work.

Social studies~ your explorer report is due next Thursday. If you have finished it, please turn it in so that I can begin the editing process and we can work on polishing your work.

October 6

    Science: Today, we finished our unit of microscopes. Ask the students about the difference between plant and animal cells. As well as single celled and multicelled animals.


Homework for October 5, 2011 ~
      Language Arts: complete your character web
      Science: using page 18 and your data, create a line graph on page 19 about your bean plant
      Math: Worksheet about mean, median, range, mode and stem/leaf plots

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