Parent Resource Library

Attention Parents & Teachers!
Have you ever had a concern about your child or Student but didn’t know where to turn for information? 
Have you ever wanted to enrich your child’s education by working with them at home but did not have the resources to do so?
We have created a library of resources just for the DCES Community! The Parent Resource Library is located in the DCES media center. The library contains information on a wide variety of subjects that concern both parents and teachers such as:
·       Learning Differences – ADHD, ADD, Autism
·        Family Issues – Divorce, Foster Care, Siblings, New Babies
·        Grief – Death
·        Friendship & Bullying
·        Stranger Danger & Emergency Situations
·        Anxiety, Sensitivity, Emotions
·        Parenting & Discipline
·        Growing Up, Changing Bodies & Abuse
·        Alcohol & Drug Abuse
·        Manipulatives& Learning Activities
Please feel free to stop by anytime to check out a resource, write a recommendation, or request new material to be added to the library. The library is open to the DCES community all school days but Wednesdays.
The Parent Resource Library was made possible by the DCES Administration, PTA, and teachers. If you should have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact the organizer, Susan Leftwich at