Kindergarten Homework Calendar

Read a favorite book with someone in your family. Can you name all the characters? List them.
Rainbow-write your first and last name the school way. Rainbow write 3 other names. (that means write each letter with a different color)
Identify a penny, nickel, dime and quarter. Which is worth the most money? Which is worth the least?
Free Choice Writing
Don’t forget spaces and punctuation.
Read your little books with a special stuffed animal.
Tell a grown-up 3 things you did today. What was first, second, third, etc.?
Create a spring picture. Label 5 things in the picture.
Write as many words as you can think of in 5 minutes. (Ex. we, he, me, it, in, is, and, mom, dad)
Set a timer!
Have a grown-up read your new library book with you. Write a sentence to your favorite part.
April 27st is Administrative Professionals Day.  Make a card for one of our school secretaries and bring it in to school to give to her on the 27st.
What is the month? Write it. Count all the numbers in the month of April.  
Draw a picture to represent the number 19. How will it be different than 20?
Estimate (guess) how many chairs are in your house. Count them to see how close you were. Write your numbers from 1-10 correctly.
Draw a picture to solve these subtraction problems.
5-3=     6-2=
3-1=      4-2=
Earth Day is in April. Do something to make the Earth beautiful this weekend.
Count by 10’s to 100. Can you write these numbers?
Practice tying your shoes with a double knot.
 Write 2 things that you can do when the reading is tricky.
(reread, get mouth ready, look for known part, think about what: makes sense, looks righ,  sounds right)
Read a book to someone in your family. Draw/label pictures of the characters and setting from this story.
Hug someone you love! Y
Please do 13 for the month of April           Have fun!